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Advice Needed (long post) Posted on 06-08-2005

alright... Part 1- Will I get in? So, as most of you know, I've been wanting to attend Howard University for quite a while now...ok, so I'll be applying to schools in a few months (early action)...and I really don't want to set myself up for dissapointment...my SAT score isn't too high (1080) and my GPA is only a 3.3 (I'm taking AP courses)...I volunteer, I'm a health educator, I'm in band, and I work...I can write a killer essay and get good recommendations...should I even waste that $45 for the application fee??? People tell me that I have a good chance of getting in but I'm not so sure about it...I'm pretty sure I can get into FAMU Part 3- Money Howard is damn near $30,000/yr...I really want to go to this school but that is alot of money...my parents said they can handle that but they'd rather me attend a cheaper school because I plan on going to medical school afterwards...so I thought about it and I find myself constantly asking myself "Is it worth it?"...I wouldn't mind going to FAMU (my second choice) but Howard is where I REALLY want to go...I could get a band scholarship to both of these schools but that's not gonna cover everything and I'm slightly worried about doing marching band AND being a Biology/pre-med major because both of those take alot of time...what should I do???
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replied on 06-08-2005 10:57PM [Reply]
Sir: Good questions. #1 Invest that $45 dollars. You need to give yourself a chance to see what happens vs. not ever finding out. On FAMU log on to www.blackcollegewire.org. ALOT is going on at FAMU that you will pick up by reading the articles. Three new FAMU pieces hit the wire today. Stay on this wire to monitor the HBCU's that you are interested in. #3 On Howard, start exploring ALL financial aid, scholarships now. This site and many many other places on the internet, at your school, etc. have scholarship information. It is so hard to say if an item is worth the price. It is easy to say that an education is priceless. Trust your folks. Sounds like they got you if you really want this. On band and pre-med&bio. TRY. That's what I tell our son Try and then try again.
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replied on 06-09-2005 12:38AM [Reply]
u will most likely get in dont stress to much....... -raise your SAT score to make sure -look for outside scholarships -keep the faith
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~ADANNA~ replied on 06-09-2005 07:31PM [Reply]
boy u better apply to Howard...i didnt steal HOWARD BOUND 2006 from your sig for fun...
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replied on 06-09-2005 07:41PM [Reply]
Don't even stress it, more than likely you will get into Howard. And first off Howard is not damn near 30,000 cause if it was i wouldn't be attending. It is close to about 20-22Gs. If you want to go to howard, then go. Because you are always gonna want to know how ya life woulda been if you woulda went there in the first place. And plus FAMU doesn't even compare to Howard in every aspect. So come on home to Howard fam, and join the band, Newson gives alot of assitance to band members and tries to help u pay for school.....
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YoungPhenom4TheFuture replied on 06-09-2005 10:42PM [Reply]
I just wrote a nice sized respone to your post but this site always messes up on me for some reason!!! but anyway, I basically said to follow you heart and do what you know will be best for you. Like www.illmakeu.com said, you'll always wonder "what if" if you dont even apply. Thats crazy! At least apply to howard and you never know, something wonderful may happen for you!
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replied on 06-09-2005 10:44PM [Reply]
I got into Howard with a 3.2 GPA, a 23 ACT, and I had never taken a honors or AP class. What gave me a lot of up's was the fact that I progressed from gettin a 2.2 gpa my first semester to a 3.8 the last semester of my junior year. I had a good essay too. You won't have any trouble on that note, but TAKE the ACT, and SAT over as many times as you can until October. This will help you so much on the money tip. Band will give you a nice amount. You have outside scholarships too. Getting in isn't a problem at all, it's just the earning money part. Just check out those tests tho and see what you have to reach for to get at least the legacy scholarship which pays your tuition (which is over 11,000) of you costs. Juniors, don't get too worried about getting in, because that's no problem. Just push to get the money and pray.
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replied on 06-09-2005 11:15PM [Reply]
alright...I'm gonna take heed to you all's advice and apply to Howard...I have nothing to lose (except $45 lol)...and I'm gonna take the ACT in September cuz I'm a beast in science...I just wish I could've gotten my GPA up to a 3.5 before the beginning of my senior year...I'm taking an all AP courseload next year (AP English, AP Biology, AP Macroeconomics, Gifted Analysis, Advanced Band)...so my ass is gonna be on the grind next year...and hopefully I'll graduate with honors... I gotta get in touch with Howard's band director so I can setup an audition or send a tape... and Adanna...don't worry I'll definitely apply lol
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prettypoet8804 replied on 06-11-2005 10:09PM [Reply]
thank goodness you got that settled. i was about to say you have to apply cause you supposed to be one of my folks. i was gonna tell you what everyone already did. i've heard the ACT is a better test if you coo with science, just make sure you add the writing part. and most colleges aren't gonna be hella harsh with the new SAT because, well, it's new. i've heard this from admissions officers at some cali schools. so don't stress too much about that. but do take it again if it's a big concern. other than that, you really just need to believe that everything will work out like it needs to. pray.
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Vanity replied on 06-13-2005 06:22PM [Reply]
Yeah Im gonna go with everyone else and say go for it! Your GPA and SAT should be fine for HU and it has been statistically proven that african americans do better on ACT than SAT so that should work out fine. That AP course load you're taking in the fall will look impressive to the admissions officers too. Be sure to bang that essay out and if you have mastered the art of charming the pants off of people like i have, go do an interview with the admissions people. if you do well they will remember you when reviewing your app and that accept will be almost guranteed. I think you have it all in the bag. Good luck on your senior year and all us HU folks WILL see you running around the yard having that incomparable howard experience in the fall of '06!
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