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before we meet Posted on 06-11-2005
Miss. Soulful

ooh your just so sweet, just wish we could meet..... i'm digging yo style the way you flex and smile i understand you got yo limits, i got mine too, i'm just too timid to express that i want you in a totally different way in a way only you and i would understand the only reason i stay to explore my feelings that are way too surreal i wish you were here just so i could make you feel... all that i want and need you and I together could feed off of life simple pleasures our child a god given treasure i'm way too ahead of myself i'm still not sure of myself your just so sweet i wish we could meet
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So_Focused from Landover, MD replied on 06-23-2005 01:36AM [Reply]

aww man. I was really feelin that one.
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Wisdom_Tree replied on 06-23-2005 02:29PM [Reply]
Deez is one of dem "Aww" poems. So nice. So so nice.
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