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COLLEGE MOM GOES TO JAIL! Posted on 06-16-2005
College Mom

WARNING: Requires LOTS of Reading (All is quiet in the cell holding College Mom) "Ma'm you are free to go...your son posted your bail. The judge want's to see you right away though. You can ask for a postponement. Some hbcuconnect posters have called for you to be tried immediately and for you to be sent to the Big House right away." "Thanks. I will not need a postponement." ( I am wondering how it came to this. Something that was suppose to be fun and informative had somehow turned into something very bad...some posters expressed anger, rage and indignation. Many sent PM's filled with encouragement, support and thanks.) "No. I will not need a postponement. I am ready to do what I have to do." The Judge is reading the documents before him. He takes a while. He then yells: "Mrs. College Mom. Is Mrs. College Mom present ?" "Yes, your honor. I am here." The Judge then looks down at the documents once more. He is reading for what must be about 20 minutes. He finally speaks: "Mrs. College Mom step this way." I step towards him and he says: " College Mom you are being charged as follows: #1...Bragging, bragging and more bragging... #2...Elaborating and providing details and descriptions on EVERY aspect of your life... #3...Writes TOO long in your posts... #4...You are not a mom...you are not who you say you are... #5...You are TOO invested in your son's life...you are your son's friend... #6...You are crazy, mentally unstable and you need counselling...something isn't right with you... #7...Your post are annoying as hell...people have to read about you over and over... #8...You play on a site that is for 13year olds and 20 years olds...you are OLD... #9...You come to the internet to get advice...genuine advice and help... College Mom, how to you plead?" "Oh, before I take your plea I have some people who have requested permission to speak on your behalf. I now call the HBCUCONNECT FOUNDERS..." HBCUCONNECT FOUNDERS: Your honor we asked to speak in favor of College Mom because she has done nothing wrong. When we founded the site we had a vision. OUr vision was one of: participation, communication and more. We wanted our forums to provide free information and to serve as the HBCU community inclusive of parents, faculty and alumni. The Judge: So, a parent, a person older than say 20 is not only welcomed but invited to your site? HBCU FOUNDERS: Right. We have a rather large web page. One of our focus areas is for parents. We want to be there for them too. The Judge: So...College Mom talking about her "feelings" about her tuition bill was not out of line? HBCU FOUNDERS: No. The number one concern for college parents IS paying for college. The Judge: So, did she violate any posting guidelines, templates, formats, rules or HBCUCONNECT regulations?" HF: No your honor, she did not. Judge: Thank you. I have what I need. "College Mom you may now answer to the charges" CM: Your honor thank you. I want to thank the HBCU Founders as well. On the first charge of bragging I duly apologized to those posters who may be offended. I had NO intentions of coming to a site such as this and trying to brag. I came to this site for fun and for information. That some people may have something that you do or do not have should not promp outcrys and bloodshed. My writing is not bragging. It is the internet and I can not see how bragging is as it is alleged. I do understand the explanations offered my some of the posters. I simply do not agree. On the second charge of elaborating and providing details...absolutely. That is how I write. It is also how I get paid. I know no other way or standard for communicating. I make no apology. I think folks should read more...not less anyway. My life is in no way told in it's full on HBCUCONNECT. I feel bad that this is the thinking. I am in my 40's and have thousands of key life experiences, moments and milestones. There is no way nor a goal set to tell every part of my life on HBCUCONNECT. Deny that straight out. On the third charge of writes TOO long, guilty. No one or two posters has the right to say how long I can or can not write in a post. Folks are not forced to read or get upset about that. Guilty! As the HBCU Founders support, I have not violated any rules etc. by posting long. On the fourth charge of not being a mom. I have defended and defended and defended that. I am a mom and that is my final word on that. I am not who I say I am...Gosh, if anyone on earth has a poster completely known by posting then good for them. Is anyone on the internet or in real life who they say they are. People can make their own conclusions like I make mine. On the fifth charge about my involvement in my son's life. I am very involved. I would rather be involved than not. Life, growth and circumstances make the level of involvement dynamic. We are a work in progress like everyone else...hopefully. I do do things for my son that I consider very basic. Being sensitive to those who have expressed that this is bragging. I will exercise diplomacy because I am not on HBCUCONNECT to cause problems. I have to say shoes, clothes, cars, allowance, tuitions and so forth are simply shoes, clothes, cars...you feel me? I am so sorry Judge. That did not come out right. Sorry. On the sixth charge of being a loon. No. I am not crazy, mentally unstable and so on. I do think that those who diagnose others via the web are...you know. I am fine. On the seventh charge of being annoying. I can be. I am not alone though. I do want to say that I deny making people read over and over my concerns, issues and more. They chose to read over and over my post and for some they chose ad asked others to read ALL of my posts. Not guilty as charged. On the eighth charge of playingwith 13 year olds, etc. No. No one really knows how old one is via the internet. They really do not KNOW how old or young I am. Oh, that answers the charge of my being old too. No. I am not old. On the ninth charge of coming to the internet to get advice, help etc. Yes and no. I come to the internet for many things as do many around the world. That my queries can be criticized...we do have freedom of speech in this country as well as freedom of opinion. WHat I don't like about this allegation is simple...it's stupid. so, no. Bottom line, not guilty as charged. JUDGE: ok...you were also charged with having bad grammar, poor spelling, wanting to be a Greek, calling some posters roaches, smellingand some other really petty things. I have tossed those out. College Mom, I see no crime and I remand you to go back to the HBCUCONNECT and do what you do! I know there is gonna be a weeping and awailing and the knashing of teeth. I know some will be PMing till the wee hours of the morning. I know some will disagree with you and with my ****. I know. I know some will re-try you and I know some will not have listened, thought about or read any or much of this. It is a free country and people can write, read and say pretty much whatever they want to, how they want to, when they want to and so on. I do say something that someone reported that you said: If you want to hide something from some folks simply put it in abook, or a document. Today, I'll add post! Adjourned!
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The Big Girl Sweetz replied on 06-17-2005 07:42PM [Reply]
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CHiladelphia replied on 06-17-2005 08:17PM [Reply]
The Fat Girl Sweet Lee wrote:
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Lady Invictus replied on 06-17-2005 11:08PM [Reply]
Free damn post...extra ****
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cutiepie@csu from cincinnati, OH replied on 06-17-2005 11:14PM [Reply]

:sad: Bravo now that was a long speech.... Anyways FREE POST!!!!! ::Goes to pop 1200000000 mg of aspirin:::: my head hurts too bad after reading that BS #-o #-o #-o #-o
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King_J replied on 06-18-2005 12:46AM [Reply]
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Poody from Sandy Springs, GA replied on 06-18-2005 01:07AM [Reply]
*yells in Renaissance voice* POSTS!!! POSTS FOR SALE!!!! GET YOUR BLOODY POSTS!!!
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Lady Invictus replied on 06-18-2005 01:27AM [Reply]
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Blutifully Human from Washington, DC replied on 06-18-2005 01:43AM [Reply]

SoundCheck 1898 wrote:
AggieWarrior wrote:
i ain't see no free posting in summer 03... it didn't blow til summer 04... but i'm w/ Chris... take the memories of summer 03... and lock them in the box
its funny you say that because i actually meant to put 04 but didn't realize i put 03 till J responded lol. I said F! and let it ride lol. *random smiley* :pooh:
:lol: :lol: :lol: ...that's the funniest thing in the freakin world. I'm mad the lil guy is squinting too. ahahahahahaha. I'm too easily entertained. I need help :? Here's my favorite smiley ===> :smt110 . Yeeaaaaaaah buddy!
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ASU_chick08 from Gadsden, AL replied on 06-18-2005 02:22AM [Reply]

free post...
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Just_2_Much replied on 06-18-2005 03:10AM [Reply]
Aww come on College Mom dont be like that...... Do you really think your son will post bail?
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