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Issues with Greek Life Posted on 06-11-2003

Okay, earlier today me and my friend were talking about joining greek organizations and how we felt about them. I personally think that they are great to join b/c they do a lot of good things for the community and get you involved in some positive things. And they all teach about sisterhood or brotherhood. Plus, they seem to be a lot of fun too. But, my friend says she doesn't view them as a sisterhood or brotherhood thing. To her it's more like "buying your friends". And she wouldn't be part of any organization that she had to be bullied around to get in. She is the first person whom I've ever known to view greek organizations that way. Is there anyone on here that views them that same way?
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replied on 06-12-2003 10:25PM [Reply]
I feel what yall saying about the bullying then acting all lovey dovey. But then I also feel with those who do it for the sisterhood. As for me, I think I'm going to pledge just to actually see how it is, is it what people make it out to be..etc. cuz I dont go on hearsay.
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Kinkee replied on 06-12-2003 10:41PM [Reply]
i heard that is all about money. i thought about pledging but i am just going to have investigate the different sororities.
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CaramelButtaphly replied on 02-17-2005 01:13PM [Reply]
that's how i am too. i believe that the organization is what you make it. People think that joining a frat/soror is a way to be better, or popular but some people get in there and really change the game and make the experience better for everyone. Some people even hate on me because I'm in a youth group that is sponsored by this certain XYZ sorority. I say shove it b/c its not like they're trying to train us to act better or be better than others...they're just trying to instill in us young black ladies that there is more to life than being a video ho. You feel me ladies? Holla.
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