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HOWARD IS DOING SOMETHING FOR FREE!*twirling around* Posted on 06-27-2005

yall shouldve got this message but if ya didnt, this is from my advisor in honors..sorry i gave this to yall so late, but i just now read it lol, and missed the first dates, second and FINAL dates are below This information about registration is on Bison Web under registration link. I checked with Maxine Williams and verified that if a continuing student registered during General Registration and is just making changes to their schedule, you will not be assessed the $150 late registration fee. Enjoy your summer!!!!! Fall 2005 Registration Information An additional opportunity for continuing students to register for fall 2005 is scheduled June 18th-June 25th and July 21st-August 1st. A LATE REGISTRATION ($150) WILL BE ASSESSED. Continuing students should take advantage of this final opportunity to complete registration before the regularly scheduled late registration period. Late registration will not be available again until August 24th. New freshmen will be given an opportunity to register for fall 2005 classes on line from July 10th-July 17th.
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Blutifully Human from Washington, DC replied on 06-29-2005 10:58PM [Reply]

thas wassup. Cuz i think i might wanna make some changes. Look at admin. tryna get all nice. :grin:
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Enigma2k8 replied on 07-31-2005 11:04PM [Reply]
I forgot my damn alternate pin!!!! :x :x :x :x :-(
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ManifestDSTiny33 replied on 08-01-2005 12:26PM [Reply]
SORRY DUDE.. THAT SUX!!!! shyt.. I don't have that problem.. I got them 6 digits tattooed on my chest...
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Home > Forums > Interest Groups > HBCU Specific Topics & Concerns > Howard
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