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Deeper than that. Posted on 06-28-2005
Texas City, TX
How odd it seems That you would bring out the God in me I had given up/Hated livin' up To expectations, and certain situations. Thought I was strong Constricted my reach, to breach and teach, and I was wrong You lifted, and before I realized how you were gifted You sifted through me, used me to my own prediction We conformed and complied, you and I You and I. And its deeper than that. Purposefully implying the power of prayer, the purpose of peace The pieces of my shoulders and perpendicular feet, go head n preach Knew my greatness, and grasped to my gifts, gathering grace And asked the lord, for my sake, so I wouldn't break But Bend like a willow in the wind to the will of Him To work through and use me, truly, and get my fill of Him Pressed down, shaken, abundant and overwhelming She brought me closer to myself, and God. Now, can you tell me What the worth is of a righteous woman? And its deeper than that. Cuz Im happy, and they know it And my hands, my feet, they show it When standing where I would sit Thanking Him for hands black as the pit Because its deeper than it was, deeper than the love Its God. And it cant get any deeper than that.
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ThatClassyGirl216 replied on 07-06-2005 01:23AM [Reply]
oh wow, I like this poem! It's really...DEEP! It's good
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Wisdom_Tree from Texas City, TX replied on 07-06-2005 02:21PM [Reply]
Thanx, with all of this schoolwork im glad I can still find time for poetry...
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