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Untitled....and Untitled...er.... Posted on 07-09-2005
The First

Yeah....whatever.... In the beginning I was with it Never in it just to hit it But as the days rolled by The way she’d lie On my chest had my mind thinkin’ bout getting’ inside Eyes telling me she wants it Shows in the way she flaunts it Walking away so shyly Think of her so highly Wondering really if she just might be The one with the key to my heart and more The girl you stay awake late writin’ poems for And I so adore My Vanilla pecan princess One day she might be Missus If she left then I would miss this Feeling in my soul She’s my whole Reason for being Keeps me breathin’ Find myself fiendin’ For soft kisses on my neck, hands exploring every inch She likes it when tickle her and tease her, even when I pinch Knowin’ my love is her love and our love is a love that we love to share When we’re together can’t help but stare While I’m floating in the air In the feeling that keeps me off the ground And I love the sound Of her satisfaction In reaction to my action And I can just imagine How her "love" feels Feels so real But yet and still Keep a cross to my heart A promise on my part To wait til’ the time is right Then we’ll love all night Drinkin’ in the sight Of the passion of moment Then I’m gonna slow it Down for a minute Making sounds while I’m in it But until then I’ma stay down for her Stick around for her Let her know just what I mean Bow down and worship cuz she’s my Queeeeen…. _______________________________________ We started out in the beginning playing playground games Like hide and seek and callin’ each other names Never knowin how feelin’s would change And no one’s to blame That’s how life does One minute you getting’ ya "cootie shot" next thing you know you’re in love We was cool for a minute, but then we lost touch And truthfully I hadn’t really thought of her much So the years kept going until the day came When our respective schedules were one in the same Now it’s a new game And things ain’t exactly the same I’m her "boy" and she’s my "girl" but only in name Friends of the best kind until I looked in her eyes To my surprise, noticin’ the thickness of her thighs The sway of her hips the fullness of her lips Started wonderin’ how they’d feel against mine Totally blind By the teasing song in her eye That kept telling me that one day I’d be her kind of guy So I stayed by her side Swallowed my pride even denied My feelings and so I found myself tryna hide But what you keep to yourself can’t always be kept inside And bout three years later saw myself start to slide So then came the lies, started turnin’ fantasies to memories All the while family and friends getting’ rather displeased They said "All the women out there in the world" And you bendin’ over backwards lookin’ silly for this girl" But every night I’d sit in bed singin’ that same sad lullaby She smilin’ in my face but all I could do was ask her why I couldn’t be hers, while she’s bein mine and we could be fine She said "it’s not time" got sick of the lyin’ I’m constantly tryin’ to figure out how We came to be where we are now Passin’ by each other without a hint of a smile And that’s the sad story of how friendship did cease Shed a tear for the present, let the past rest in peace…
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Carmelsun from Syracuse, NY replied on 11-07-2006 10:43PM [Reply]
That was really good. Oh my goodness I really liked the first one.
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