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I'm not a N*gga!! Posted on 05-05-2004

Due to recent post and extreme use of the word I thought that I would make this post. I wrote a novel called "I'm not a n*gga", that explained the history of the word and how it has evolved and the power that it has had on our people. Well the overall purpose of that novel (really short story) was to tell why we shouldn't refer to each other as n*ggas and how it is hypocritical to get mad at another race for using it when you use it everyday. Everybody who knows me knows that I can't stand the word (just ask Wizdom and FAMU_first) I try to protest when ever I hear somebody using it but I find that I am often alone in my thinking and to many people it has just become another word, and it is often too energy consuming. I think there was a post like this before but, HOW DO Y'ALL FEEL ABOUT THE WORD N*GGA!
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replied on 07-21-2004 04:42PM [Reply]
i'm guilty...very guilty. I use it lots when i'm tellin stories. I usually say "mah ****" b4 a huge detail in tha plot. Or if on of my friends come through for me i might give them a congratulatory "My **** (insert name here)." I picked that up from living in Dallas for a while. I understand the historical meaning of the word but maybe i'm not as sensitive to it because i didn't get called it as a racial slur. Now if a non-black person says it i'm on they head quick!!! My granny n granpop will get really mad if u use it though. Other than using it in the above examples i don't say it much. i'm still guilty tho
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CAN Dancer replied on 08-16-2004 06:43PM [Reply]
I personally do not like tha word, in any sense. I hardly ever use it, and when I do it is to insult. Its mostly because of the history of the word and the way it was used by **** owners to objectify and dehuminize their slaves. Whenever somebody who is not black uses the word it makes me feel as though they are trying to make me feel inferior. With the way that rap music has become tha lastest trend there are many ignorant people who are being introduced to the word for the first time. Because they do not understand the history of the word they feel they can just throw it round as they please. If we really want others to stop using it then we need to stop using it ourselves. Thatll show em that we dont like word and that it still is offensive.
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Punk'd replied on 09-12-2004 06:33PM [Reply]
sowthwestplaya03 wrote:
JaMarcus wrote:
anything can be used negatively. I can use the word woman negatively if the need found me. "Dayum woman sit yo **** down." etc. The placement of word and the context in which a word is used is what makes a word bad. Please dont try to argue this point with me cuz I'll get started on connotations and denotations, as well as syntax and other Sh*t like that. <---English Major.
actually woman is not a negative word. Please use another example because that was not a good one.
I didn't say woman in itself was a bad word. I said it can be used negatively depending on where its placed and the context its used. In the example I used, woman could be synonomously with ****. Or it could be used to imply that because someone is a woman, they are inferior in some way. I can go on and on about this, but its really pointless. Like I said, **** in itself is not a bad word. Words are lent power through interpretation. However you choose to interpret the word is on you. *Shrugs*
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starsuga82 replied on 09-20-2004 05:09PM [Reply]
1stLadyofDaSWAC wrote:
TippyTop8705 wrote:
i ain't gone lie i'm guilty of sayin it...i cut back on it...but i realized how much its bringin down the black community,b/c the time a white person curls their lips up to say the word...we ready to throw down...and i gotta friend whose asian and white..and she gettin a lil carried away with it...so i don't approve of it...but its like a curse word almost...once ya start cursing its kinda hard to stop right?? or is it just me?
Cosigns....I say it all tha time...and when a white person says it I am ready to pounce but to me it's all in tha tone...I know some trill **** white people who say it and it doesn't really bother people...It's tha ones that use the word racially that **** me off!!! I know it's wrong but I kinda feel like we've taken that word and put anotha spin on it...instead of it reminding us of hatred, and racism....we use it as a term of endearment...Kinda like...yeah we some ****...you gave us tha name...but damnit..these **** are still here and you can't do a damn thing about it. Sometimes I think about it like that and other times I just say it just because!!
Yeah and think about how many of your African **** ancestors would agree with you.
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blkfiyahncarolina replied on 09-21-2004 12:05PM [Reply]
How could we take a word that put down our forefathers, that white men used to degrade our mothers and grandmothers yet we would take it and use it today as if it such a fluent word to be passed around like lemonade on a hot afternoon. GEt a life! It is that serious! How dare we the recipients of such a negative name calling recieve the name and think of ourselves as manipulating to for a good. It is disguisting and indescrible how disrepectful it is to those who worked hard not to be called ****. who left the south migrated to the north to get away from that conotation and still was not recieved well in the foreign land the ventured to. Yet we take a derogatory word and consider it postive a bond a friendship you should **** your self for such stupid thoughts.
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the.pretty.prodigy. from Imperial Beach, CA replied on 12-09-2004 03:30PM [Reply]
ok..im with HU_Intellect on this one because its not fair in the slightest to get mad at another race when our ppl use it too...but i must admit the word does slip when im ****...
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AfroPoeticSista replied on 12-11-2004 03:03PM [Reply]
1LazyNigga63 wrote:
**** is only a word..Too bad we have given it so much power...The more we use it the less effect it will have on us..My Nicca..
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replied on 12-25-2004 07:00PM [Reply]
I think it just makes the black race look stupid. We get called ****$ and are quick to get angry but call each other ****$. Yet get angry when a white person says it. What is even more stupid.. Is the justification of the word ****! "Oh **** is like my ****- **** is degrading" Umm- okay :roll: Ignorance can be bliss huh :?:
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