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Do you use.... Posted on 07-17-2005
New Haven, CT
The "N" word? why/ why not Do you care if white people say it to each other? I use the word alot and even I think too much. Im about to stop saying it or at least try.
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fyne_dyme2005 from Casa Grande, AZ replied on 07-17-2005 11:30PM [Reply]

that is one word you will not hear out of my mouth in either form. i speak what you might call "proper" and it just doesnt flow with my regular vocabulary... i still find it to be negative also. even if it is said from a friend.
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1FocusedBruh replied on 07-17-2005 11:34PM [Reply]
Hell Nah My nigguh..I never use that word.. :???:
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replied on 07-17-2005 11:43PM [Reply]
I rarely use the word, I don't feel the need to say it when I'm addressing someone. Once in a while i might say it. I don't get **** usually i get annoyed when i see other people who are not black using the word. I don't understand why they use it at all. I asked a latino guy why him and all his friends used the word, and he was like "i can say it cuz im not white" and i was like but ur not black either and he said that they were "closer" than white people. :???:
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replied on 07-17-2005 11:59PM [Reply]
I say it once in a blue moon, and when I do say it I never use it in callin somebody a ****. When black people use it I don't trip too much it's just when they act ignorant w/ it and use it carelessly. I don't like when other races use it at all, BECAUSE I don't even use it for the fact that I know all black people don't approve of it, so THEM usin it, is really out of line. That's ignorant in it self to me for a person of a different race to use it. And one thing I admire about Eminem: despite the fact that other rappers call him **** at times, he never even begins to think that he has the right to use the word. Overall, I think we all should cut down on it in many capacities because of the controversy of the word. It's been redefined throughout history, and at this moment there is so many different redefined meanings. Some black people say it's friendly, some say it's offensive, some say it's OUR word and we use it as we please. Some white people say it's offensive that's why we call black people niggers, some white people say my black friend call me **** and he says it's aight for me to use it, some white people say it's offensive and a horrible, hateful word and we should leave it alone. Hispanics and have their own grouped beliefs as well as many other races. I think before anybody uses it though, they could at least have their OWN, INDIVIDUAL analysis of the word itself, what it means, it's evolution, and WHY they use it.
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replied on 07-18-2005 12:18AM [Reply]
yeah.......****, ****, ****, kaffir, hoe, ****........anything that falls under the catergory of offensive........becuz i like makin pple angry at me
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ClassyWisdom08 replied on 07-18-2005 12:37AM [Reply]
I don't use it...
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cherrybottom69 replied on 07-18-2005 12:56AM [Reply]
it slips ever now and then :? http://www.xanga.com/asu_cutie
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replied on 07-18-2005 02:48AM [Reply]
I dont really use it ...
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La replied on 07-18-2005 08:23AM [Reply]
Yea I use it alot. I feel its my word and I'll use it as much as I want. Unless Im talking to a black perosn who is offended by he word outta respect to them I wont use it, but me and my friends use it all the time anyway so I dont ever deal with that. I also wont necessarily use it a great deal around my white friends Im cool with cause I dont ever wanna give THEM the impression that they can ever use it. Cause they definitely cant, but I think they know better anyway. But yea i use n*gga around my peers...never around my parents or elders. As cliched as it is and people always say in my case it really is " a term of endearment " amongst each other.
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