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Random Lyrics Posted on 07-18-2005

We got a Random Comments part in the yard so I think we could have one in the lyrics. "I walk around with a micetrap, **** wit cheese don't like rats." - Lil Wayne "But back to the business, give a motherfukker so much coke they prolly have problems wit their kidneys." - Lil Wayne
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TSUblueTiger replied on 07-18-2008 01:44PM [Reply]
I went against all odds and got a even steven Proceed to read and not believin everything I'm readin But my brain was bleedin, needin feedin, and exercise I didn't seek the best of buys, it's a lie to textualize I analyze where I rest my eyes And chastise the best of guys with punchlines I'm Nestle when it's Crunch-time For your mind like one time If poetry was p**** I'd be sunshine cause I deliver like the Sun-Times Confined in once-mines on dumb rhymes I combine I'm hype like I'm unsigned, my diet I unswine -Common
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xosugababeox@yahoo.com replied on 07-18-2008 02:15PM [Reply]
joy and pain, sunshine and rain
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treyslizzle replied on 07-18-2008 02:26PM [Reply]
What you sayin in yo rap, you don't mean that. 22 mill, you ain't never seen that. Send a word to the street, let em know the king back. Bring the **** to their squad, make them niggggaz lean back. - T.I.
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treyslizzle replied on 07-18-2008 04:30PM [Reply]
I don't mind spending everyday. Out on your corner in the pouring rain. Look for the girl with the broken smile. Ask her if she wants to stay a awhile. - maroon 5
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treyslizzle replied on 07-18-2008 04:43PM [Reply]
I don't believe in wearing crocodile shoes, but I'll pop the tool and turn you into crocodile food. - Cassidy
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treyslizzle replied on 07-18-2008 05:01PM [Reply]
I ain't blood deep or crip deep, I'm six deep, my click deep. How deep, this deep, nine milli clip deep. This heat, of bodybuilders turn you into pipsqueaks, aim at the vegetarians, those the ones that end up mince meat. Chamillionaire
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treyslizzle replied on 07-18-2008 05:07PM [Reply]
All I get is fetti, so tell me what u mean. Call me the grinch shrek, cuz all I like is green. I am Bruised, my bling sting, step in the club and I grab her. if u want her, I can have her, Mick Jagger with my swagger. - Chamillionaire
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treyslizzle replied on 07-18-2008 05:26PM [Reply]
I wreck beats in Atlanta, go to church and pay tithes. Then head to NY, and get Eragon Fly. Cop a fresh pair a jays, no matter what the cost. Jesus gave em fish and bread, I want chicken wit hotsauce. - TreySlice (Me)
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treyslizzle replied on 07-18-2008 05:27PM [Reply]
Oh yeah. Lynn Be snappin. Lol
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treyslizzle replied on 07-19-2008 03:08PM [Reply]
Soulja boy off in this ho. Watch me crank and watch me roll. Watch me crank that soulja boy and superman that ho. - Soulja Boy
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