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The Bible and Our Ethics. Posted on 07-25-2005
CPL Thunderstruck

Every verse that you quoted was from the Old Testament. Not to say that the Old Testament is "void", but you gotta look at the "updated" part of the bible too homie.
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La replied on 07-26-2005 04:03PM [Reply]
Branded J.S. Bison wrote:
F.A.T.A.L wrote:
Branded J.S. Bison wrote:
Shy_Morenita wrote:
^^Probably...never asked.
Well if they do, that building, where u "worsip God" cannot be a church. The House of the Lord is sposed to be a place where people come to repent of sin, not entertain it.
I don't know if she see what she typing Mila. I really don't. She prolly just attend church cuz her mama make her do it
lol...i honestly dont get where shes coming from...
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