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How do you treat your Hair? Posted on 07-28-2005

I use the Cream of Nature set(shampoo, conditioner, perm, etc.) I have to switch because Sauve messsed up my hair, I have short, manage-able hair now, what works on your hair?
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cherrybottom69 replied on 07-28-2005 11:32PM [Reply]
> i get a perm every 2-3 months > i wash my hair every week > for a moisturizer i use pink luster lotion > and for a hair greese i use a herbal tree tee hairdress (it works miracles) also for a tip try not to use so much of heat in your hair http://www.xanga.com/asu_cutie
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Afro-American replied on 07-29-2005 06:56PM [Reply]
wow this has been a while since i typed on here...but like Im natural, so this is what I do now that its going on my second year without a perm, after the big chop every month i deep condition my hair with suave conditioner or either queen helene's placenta*to promote growth*, I leave that in my hair usually overnight and wash it out the next morning, i usually combine it with suave humectant conditioner I wash my hair every 2 weeks with dark and lovely's soothing sensations pepperming shampoo, it really clarifies the hair and every other week i mean i wash it wth suave conditioner.. but i think dealing with natural hair well black hair in general, you have to realize moisture is key to keeping it tame because our hair is naturally dryer than most races but i dont use grease just because when i used it, it stunted my hair growth...but that's prolly just me i guess another tip is also to avoid hair products with mineral **** in it...because mineral **** clogs your follicles/pores which can prevent your hair from growing to its full potential..
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CaramelCuttie05 replied on 08-02-2005 11:04AM [Reply]
+ I get a perm every 2-3 months + I get my ends clipped once a month + I wash my hair every week, using Tresemme shampoo and conditioner and Tea Tree Cholestrol by Lustrasilk + I don't put any products in my hair after I wash, i hate the greasy look (it takes away the whip)
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