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No pretty black girls? Posted on 07-28-2005
New Haven, CT
Okay is it just me or if your black and attractive someone asks if your mixed with something else. This is growing annoying. Im like do people think two black people cant make a beautiful black child anymore.
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aiwifey from East Chicago, IN replied on 08-09-2005 10:19AM [Reply]

I think that this idea of lightskinned females being better than darkskinned females came from slavery. The **** masters **** slaves. Those women became pregnant and had lightskinned babies. And dark girls would look at the light girls with "good hair" and want to be them because they could pass for white. Music videos have brainwashed men into thinking that lightskinned females with long hair are what they should be looking for. And if a girl doesn't have an unusually big **** or she isn't at least a C cup, then she's not worth talking to. I think it's sad that the people who make these videos don't take into consideration what kind of messages they are puttin out there. Young pretty girls who don't look like the video girls are thinking that they aren't beautiful. I am a caramel girl with hair that barely touches her shoulders. I'm not skinny, I have hips and curves and thighs. And I like the way I look. It doesn't upset me because I'm an A cup. I am beautiful. And I like all kinds of men. From as light as Shemar Moore to as dark as Taye Diggs.
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replied on 08-09-2005 10:33AM [Reply]
^^^...What about Black and Asian brothas? :? . We kinda fall in between.
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