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OK, SO DOES ANYONE HAVE THIS PROBLEM? BASICALLY, THERE IS THIS GUY THAT I'VE KNOWN SINCE HIGH SCHOOL, RIGHT. Back in high school we were talking and gettin close, then all of a sudden one day, I come to school and he's all hugged up with this white girl and from then on, I'm like "What the hell?" and the whole school year, he would flaunt her up in my face and smirk at me and that ish kinda hurt. That was in 11th grade (2000). So, whatever I moved on, and forgot about him and never saw him again. Then, I guess he saw my picture a few months ago on this modeling website and somehow got my email and wanted to kick it and all that. I kicked it with him one time and then he just started jocking me! I mean, I have never been jocked like this before! It's pretty pathetic. You'll never believe this dude flew me out to N.Y. with him and spent at least $3,000.00 dollars on me that weekend! I didn't even give him any! He was kinda mad that I didn't give him none, but that just made me laugh even more! I mean, I am not a b*tch like that or anything but he deserved that for what he did and plus I ain't attracted to him anyway so if I had given him some, I would have felt dirty for the rest of my life. That ish amused the hell out of me and my friends! But now he still won't leave me alone, like "Get off my jock, man!" It's like Mike Jones said, "I'mma dog your hoe a$$ like you dogged me"! I'm sorry but if that's not a "Back Then" situation, I don't know what is!
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IdealOne007 from Asheville, NC replied on 08-17-2005 09:59AM [Reply]

atlprincess wrote:
and notice also how she hasn't been back...but that is a little hard to believe...
That's what I was about to say! Ain't no way I would fly to visit some dude that didn't care for me in the first place.
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CaramelButtaphly replied on 09-27-2005 01:46PM [Reply]
I used to think, "Maybe I am getting fine or something..." But now I know guys like anything with a warm hole in it.
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Lady Invictus replied on 09-27-2005 07:16PM [Reply]
@ Hoe u lyin...that was straight to the point.
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CJ The Hustla replied on 09-27-2005 07:21PM [Reply]
Miss Sparkle City wrote:
@ Hoe u lyin...that was straight to the point.
That's the only way I know how to be...
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CrunkMonkey85 from Atlanta, GA replied on 10-08-2005 02:11PM [Reply]

Sed_Ated wrote:
LaurEn AshlEy wrote:
...if you were so hurt by what he did, why did you decide to kik it with him when he contacted you after all that time?
For 3 Gs?!?!?! Dawg I'd let Monique AND the old Star Jones give me a lapdance for a good 10 minutes for 3 Gs.
Sheeeit, I'd let em do it for free! Not trying to start anything, but what the hell is wrong with Mo'nique and the old Star Jones anyway? That's probably why Star got her stomach stapled, cuz people kept acting like she was some kind of hideous monster that ate her boyfriends for lunch after forcing them to f*ck her! Now her head looks too big for her body. ... But that's just me. Can we free post this thread now?
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