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ALL HIPHOP RUMORS!!! Posted on 08-15-2005

CLARIFICATION ON FREE AND AJ Hey, the rumors have come full circle and hit me and my homeys here at AHH. I've been hearing that WE have a petition out calling for the return of Free and AJ back to BET. Well, I'm here to let you know that's just not true. While, we miss them, we're not riding for them like that. I think people got it confused, because some people from our community might have sparked a ruckus on their own. Also, I linked to a petition as well. Those crazy Ill Community kids- you gotta love them! SUPERHEAD STRIKES AT TYRA BANKS!!!!! Now, when I heard that Tyra Banks was coming out with a talk show, I was worried that it might be wack. Well, I have some news for you. Tyra Banks has started **** already and she started with interviewing Karrine "Superhead" Steffans for the show. It got heated! Apparently, Tyra mentioned to that the people Superhead speaks about in her book, "Confessions of a Video ****," are her colleagues and she thinks the book was written for the sake of revenge. But, Superhead flipped it. She apparently told Tyra that they aren't so different and that Tyra is nicknamed "Hollywood Hop," because of all the beds Tyra has hopped in and out of. WHOA! That's not me, y'all!“ I don't know where it came from, but its not me! AND, I PROMISE to have winners of the Superhead contest on Friday. Next time don't send so many damn entries! DOES 50 HAVE HIS EYES ON BEANIE SIGEL? What am I hearing? How true can it be? It's doubtful, I would think. But, I hear that Fif might be eyeing Beanie Sig! Now this is apparently coming by way of some of the State Property members that are still down with Beans. And, these same people are telling me that Jay-Z might be making a power play for Sig too, since he initially was his way into Roc-A-Fella. Of course there have been no confirmations. It's just block talk. On a side note, I heard Beanie is cool. He's relaxing and trying to get his mind right and chillin' with his family. I hope Dame doesn't lose Sig, because I know he rode for him while he was in the clink. LIL MO SUING JA RULE You might have heard that Lil Mo is suing Ja Rule, **** Inc., Def Jam and anybody that has anything to do with the song "Put It On Me." The lil' mama isn't playing either, she's seeking $15 million and might get it because she hasn't received a dime, she says. Anyway, I have to look this up, but I am pretty sure that its's official. Lil'Mo isn't going to sign with G-Unit, but with actions like this, she'd make a good recruit. KOOL G RAP GETS A NEW CREW? Word on the block is that Kool G Rap might be looking to get signed by a major rap outfit. Now, I'm not even going to try and give out the name of the crew, but I'll say that this posse could welcome a cat like G. Actually, any crew these days could use a G Rap to put some pep in the posse. On a side note, word on the block is that G Rap looking into the legal possibilities with Superhead. True or False? I don't know. ANOTHER G-UNIT SIGNING? Just when you thought the G-Unit signings were over, I’m hearing there is another one on the way. At a recent show at the Tweeter Center at Mansfield, Massachusetts, 50 Cent brought Ma$e on stage and the normally slow-talking rapper spit out “G-G-G-G-UNIT!” Murda Ma$e then walked off. Later during 50's performance, I hear the G-Unit General officially announced that the minister has defected Bad Boy. Word is Mason already has a G-Unit spinner! Ma$e and MOP in the same building? CRAZY! By the way, that 50 Cent video for “Piggy Bank” is insane. The G-Unit graphics dude really bodied the comp on that one. As you can see, 50 made Jadakiss into a Mutant Ninja Turtle, Fat Joe into a boxer, Nas into a superboy, The Game into a Mr. Potatohead and other mini disses are sprinkled throughout the video. Wow.
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