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Have you lost weight? Posted on 08-15-2005

If you have lost weight....share your secrets! I've decided to loose some weight and become a lil more fit. I dont want to be "skinny" because skinny doesnt fit me. I just want to tone up my arms and thighs and my abs.... Some things I've found helpful are -not eating after 6 or 7 -as cliche as it sounds...drinking water really makes u feel better and canclear up your skin and all that. so whats your tips and secrets
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replied on 08-17-2005 12:57AM [Reply]
eat an **** of food and then put your finger down your throat and induce vomitting
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replied on 08-18-2005 05:33PM [Reply]
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PoeticChocolate from Sacramento, CA replied on 08-19-2005 11:56AM [Reply]
I've lost a lil over 20 pounds in the last 6 months. -I walk a lot -I try to pay attention to serving sizes on things that I eat -Cut back on fast food and soda I think the real key to losing weight is just knowing your body and figuring out what type of adjustments you need to make to not only your diet, but your everyday activities.
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the.pretty.prodigy. from Imperial Beach, CA replied on 08-26-2005 07:37PM [Reply]
last summer i went on a program called slim in 6...its a six week program of videos...last summer i lost around 20lbs in 4 weeks (i went on vacation)..they give you a diet to follow but i hate dieting and i didn't stick to it...i picked it up again this summer because i went on vacation and i put on over 15 lbs (can someone explain to me why everyone in the south fries their food? i though i was gonna have a heart attack)...but neways i took of over the 15lbs in about 2 weeks...this time i just ate less and did the program 2 times a day...(ur supposed to do it twice a day but like i said last summer i wasnt really following the plan to well)...this program is seriously the only thing has ever worked for me...u dont really lose a whole bunch of weight but you lose hella inches...thats why they call it slim in 6...
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replied on 08-26-2005 08:01PM [Reply]
Pi-Yo.....a combo of pilates and yoga....it works WONDERS!!!! It really tones your mid-section, arms, and legs. And as far a nutrition...PAY attention to labels and portions. Eat a lot of whole grains( I'm addicted to the 9-grain bagel at Panara) and drink tons a water and you will feel full.
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boygimmedat from South Orange, NJ replied on 08-27-2005 01:00AM [Reply]

when i first got to college i gained weight and then for some odd reason i lost it....oh wait i know y i had acid reflex and that kicked my ****......but eversince i got that taken care of i havent gained n-emore weight and i be eatin up a storm like at christmas i weighed 123 and now im 118 and cant seem to get passed that so i dunno
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Mrs. Obannon from Oakland, CA replied on 09-13-2005 10:15PM [Reply]

I lost like 45 pounds. But what u di is different depending on what works for you. All i did was walked almost everywhere that I needed to go and I changed the way that i Ate. I still ate the things that i wanted, i just didnt eat as much as i used to. U should eat like 5-6 light meals per day. Dont just cut out the food. If u do, believe me, your gonna be sick and u will be tired ALL OF THE TIME. Its becuz when u dont eat ur body isnt fueled.
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replied on 09-15-2005 02:42PM [Reply]
Workout with neoprene. Cardio only. This will help to burn unecessary fat and give your **** a little more super-star shape.
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The Big Girl Sweetz replied on 09-17-2005 01:46PM [Reply]
I have no idea whats going on...but i've lost 6 pounds in 2 weeks here at temple..... so instead of the Freshman 15...im losing it.....and i honestly dont know what the hell im doing...my friends think im secretly starving myself...::shrugs::...if i am i haven't noticed...i've been so busy and doing so many things that i dont even know anymore.... thats not good...but it isn't all THAT bad....i dunno...its crazy...
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replied on 09-18-2005 01:11PM [Reply]
One day I was a 113 pounds, the next day i was a staggering 132.
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