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Being honest....who's fault is it that you are single? Posted on 08-16-2005

Los Angeles, CA
I know that we have all heard females everywhere complain, or "give reasons" for the fact that they are single. The common theme that I find, especially in college, is that most of the females who have excuses/reasons for being single usually blame the men that they have met and have been surrounded by for the fact that they are single. Most of them will never admit their downfalls, and always have a reason for anything somebody may use to knock them. So my question to you all...could you honestly admit that there may be some reasons to why you are single? Whether it's your personality, looks, or anything else you feel could be wrong with you, but WITHOUT flippin the script. Meaning..."I admit it's because I'm usually not in a good mood....but I'm only like that because the dudes make me mad all the time" is not a valid reason.
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almondwindows from Baton Rouge, LA replied on 12-21-2005 03:37AM [Reply]

I'm actually single because I decided that I'm too good to be treated any kind of way (left my man). I won't settle for less. It's not any guys' fault that I'm single, it's my wanting to be free to be myself and get to know God. Don't get me wrong, I still look and maybe even flirt a lil', but I'm not trying to get into anything. Besides, the man I left is my future hubbie...it's a long story; just know that I'm not one who accepts being taken for granted.
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replied on 12-23-2005 03:01AM [Reply]
Because everyone at FAMU thinks their pimpin!! lol Its cool. We're still young.
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'manda replied on 12-23-2005 12:43PM [Reply]
i'm single because... haha... nah i'm not single. but if i was, it wouldnt be my fault, its these damn hampton men with their STDs and their Down Low syndrome
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Hypnotik Ivy from Pasadena, CA replied on 12-23-2005 01:29PM [Reply]

I've been single for a year, at first it was because i still had feelings for my last boyfriend, by the time i got over him. I didnt want to rush into another relationship, i just wanted to meet new guys and date again but nothing serious. Then I started talkin to someone, that i really liked. And He wanted to get serious with me, but for some reason I just wouldnt be his girlfriend. Mostly because he was too much of a flirt, there are just too many pretty girls that he couldnt keep his hands off of. Now this last past semester, I pretty much stopped talkin to him (when he saw i moved on, and i wasnt calling him anymore then all of a sudden he proposes to me, but that is another story), and I was ready to have a real relationship. Once i started lookin, i wasnt finding any guys who were interested in having a girlfriend :-( But now, at the end of the semester when i stopped looking (pretty much since i'm graduating in May, and going back home to Cali) for a boo....I FIND HIM!!! I found a boo!!!! I like him soooo much!!! I havnt been in an exclusive relationship since freshman/sophomore year of college. I'm soo happy :-)
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replied on 01-10-2006 08:10PM [Reply]
I'm single because I refuse to settle for less than what I expect of and from a man.
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