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What's your definition of a "good man"? Posted on 08-16-2005

Los Angeles, CA
It seems as if one common thing I hear females talk about is "good men"...usually in the sense of saying "there are no good men" or "it's hard to find a good man". But from how I see it, most of them aren't just speaking of a good man as what it really may mean, but rather what they consider to feel a good man is for them. If you don't get what I am sayin...it might be a dude who is 100% on point, respectful smart and all that, but he might not be physically attractive or may have a "lame" personality as some say. So with that, they are usually eliminated from the good men category. Same goes for some dudes who may be overweight, or one who may be in college full time with a 3.8 but doesn't have a car or job. Females usually only call a "good man" one that fulfills everything they would look for in a man, and not just someone who should generally get most women's respect in most ways. So in your opinion, what is a "good man", and why do you think females always get a generally good man mixed up with what they'd call a good man for them?
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replied on 11-11-2005 01:04PM [Reply]
Skegee_Lady wrote:
For me a good man is a man who exceeds my expectations. He excels at whatever he does. A good man treats you with the upmost respect and knows how to take control, but also sit back and let me share the power. To me a good man just bascially have small feet...j/k. But it does differ for everyone.
thats hot!! I really agree with that. Except the small feet joke lol!! Also I would throw in that a good man loves unconditionally and knows a good woman when they see one.
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replied on 11-13-2005 08:26PM [Reply]
Blutifully Human wrote:
Kool 2k6 wrote:
Blutifully Human wrote:
^^Why am i not surprised to see in u in this thread Dame?
You know I had to chime in with my 200000 cents. But you probably wont read this reply for a WHILE since you *cough* never come around these parts anymore *cough*
well excuuuuuuuuse me for having a life sir
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Ok, carry on.
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replied on 12-01-2005 03:35AM [Reply]
Well maybe i need to go to a HBCU then...cuz therre damn sure aint no good STRAIGHT men at VCU. :x
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almondwindows from Baton Rouge, LA replied on 12-21-2005 06:21AM [Reply]

I was gonna answer in general what makes a good man, but that was cleared up... A good man is not perfect, but he strives to get there. By that I mean he tries to be like Jesus (the ultimate perfect man A man who has goals for the future and ambition with a strong work ethic. A man who knows what women are worth and doesn't just look for the superficial qualities, i.e. long hair, short skirts. A man who has intelligence; by this I mean intelligence to discern certain situations. Also book smarts AND common sense. A man who knows when to be professional: especially when it comes to wardrobe. You have to look neat when you go to certain places now!! As long as a man is striving for his purpose and trying to elevate himself while keeping God in his life.
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prettypoet8804 from Hayward, CA replied on 12-23-2005 03:56PM [Reply]

for me a good man is someone who's intelligent and funny. he can handle my goofiness and even let loose himself at times. we can have intellectual conversations for hours around all kinds of topics. i want someone i can learn from, not just someone i'm teaching all of the time. he would have to be willing to try new things.
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Just_2_Much replied on 12-24-2005 04:52AM [Reply]
A good man: 1. Walks in front of me to protect me. 2. Walks beside as my equal (emotionally, physically, and yes intellectually) 3. Walks behind me to help push me to reach my goals.
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Carmelsun from Syracuse, NY replied on 11-24-2006 09:56PM [Reply]
This would definitely be different for everyone. For me a good man would be someone who first believes in God, smart and has a goal in life. I don't expect him to have everything in life at least have a dream and plan to achieve. I ask guys what do want out of life, and they say to be rich. Like really, how do you plan on getting that. They be like uh i don't know i'm gonna rap; and their lyrics be lame. I need a man not a boy that I have to train. I want somebody I can build with not someone I need to build for. He needs to be a good listener, and remember meaningful things. A man that is concerned not only with my body but with my mind, my hopes, my dreams, my fears, and my passion. Someone that makes me smile when I'm feeling down. Who can disagree, have his own views, and respect mine. Someone that I can feel comfortable with. A lover and a friend
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ClassyWisdom08 replied on 01-17-2007 05:15PM [Reply]
Hmmmm.... I admit to being biased a lot of the times. Not from personal experiences but from what I see other people go through. I use the experiences of others as a lesson for myself and this, in many ways, has shaped my opinion about myself and others (men). I am married now, but I remember how difficult it was as a black girl/woman to enter into the dating scene. Because I've always considered myself different from my peers, I wanted someone who shared my views of the world but mostly ran into guys who were just about themselves. So, I basically changed my surroundings, which is hard to do when you are around so many black people because many things have become socially exceptable within our community.
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SuperFly replied on 01-17-2007 09:28PM [Reply]
Dammit... you know you left like a whole twelve chapter just hangin out there...
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ClassyWisdom08 replied on 01-17-2007 10:20PM [Reply]
So what...
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