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No Wonder (Part I) Posted on 08-23-2005

PEACE & 1NE <3 to all who will read this, please don't feel obligated to reply. As with all of my posts, If you do so be it, i'm open-minded so say what 1ne must, cuz I feel free to express myself. this piece/peace represents things I was going thru before I voted for the 1st time at age 23. I regret not using my power/right sooner...n e way enjoy! P)lease E)ncourage A)ll C)hildren E)veryday ~*~>SpizzDaPoetress~*~ aka ~*Rhapsody Scintilla*~ No Wonder Itís no wonder so many live by the code of the street Live in a see-no-evil slumber, itís no wonder we donít turn out to the polls to vote Who is looking out for inner-city security National issues donít seem relevant to me Urban ****, over-publicized Yet little is done to change the tide of current events Where so many are swept up in the street dream of C.R.E.A.M. And itís as American as apple pie yet it ainít sweet when innocents die One could cop to the truth, but why try when those suppose to serve and protect donít show up until the scene of the crime In God we trust, but money makes the world go round, it was we lust Out to see green, yet nothings in mint condition and if you would stop to adhere to what I have to say maybe we could sway the policies of oppression the waves of regression the struggle to learn to hustle, the forces that make us bustle, expand the limitless choices and raise our voices so that the future can been a little brighter, since the sun shines each day/though it may feel like weíre hovered by clouds of gray/with thoughts raining heavy on our brains/making it hard to maintain & see things clearly/in fact much of what Iíve said has already dropped out of your cerebrum... 2bc* 30/12/04 from da spizzchives Get Lifted & Inspired but DoNotByte:Aight! Spizzink~/*Originoo~Da Slanted S TM~Productshunz*/~ 2005 1ne <3 --->2bc* = to be continued...by you/maybe by me *LOL* Keep the faith!
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