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facebook? Posted on 08-31-2005

anybody on facebook.com? peace n love
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TSUlady from Bloomington, IL replied on 10-21-2005 03:28PM [Reply]
ok I just sent friends requests to most of you so don't be alarmed when you see it, and just so you know my name is Vanessa (TN State).
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replied on 10-21-2005 03:45PM [Reply]
i'm on there....Cristy Statham at Albany State
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DeepThought2003 replied on 10-21-2005 05:04PM [Reply]
Michael Cheek - Morehouse College
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PGPeripheryGirl from NY, NY replied on 10-22-2005 04:12AM [Reply]
Blutifully Human wrote:
k, quick request. If u are a hbcu member and u facebook me, just send me a lil message to let me know that this site is where u know me from. Cuz i think i'm gonna start knucklin down on all the random nigs who request me. A female requested me and i have no idea who she is. And uhhhhh...lets just say sumthin seems a lil suspect :???:
well Kenya you know how the quote is- "Back then they didn't want me, now I'm Greek they all on me" lol j/k
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boygimmedat replied on 10-24-2005 11:42PM [Reply]
Keonia Rogers (alabama state university)
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boygimmedat replied on 10-24-2005 11:44PM [Reply]
Thoroughly_Confused wrote:
This site kinda bores me now. I ran outta stuff to do a long time ago.
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we_ replied on 10-25-2005 12:04AM [Reply]
Wesley Sanders @ Albany State
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In Rod We Trust replied on 10-25-2005 02:50AM [Reply]
R.O.D.D. wrote:
I get no love Rod Williams NC A&T
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King_J replied on 10-25-2005 11:13AM [Reply]
Everyone be sure to write me: Jimmie Simmons - Fort Valley State
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~ADANNA~ replied on 10-26-2005 12:25AM [Reply]
yup im on there too...the high school edition...
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