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Food 4 Thought Posted on 09-21-2005

THIS IS MY MISSION To let black breathe what my soul bleeds and leap my heart deep into philosophy, And find the truth only six foot deep into eternity, And be, the elevation of todayís generation if I can make them listen, Make lost queens as bright as their lip gloss glistens and give young brothas the love theyíre missin, Tell soul sista that I see GOD in you and tell lost child to find new attitude, Manifest love in the exact spot were hate resides, and resurrect beauty were angels fly Cuz itís so hard to see old ladies cry and so hard to let go when mommaís babies die, Iíll be your dream catcher, come to me and I will mold dreams into a possible reality, Unfold lost wisdoms in my old soul and take control of a distant destiny, Trample the injustices of a corrupt democracy, THIS HERE IS MY BAPTISM, To kiss at their soft place like liquid love and take their ache away, And love addicted beauty so much they love themselves and change their ways, Bathe away our sins in the holiness of the Nile, Part the Atlantic and pray beautiful black dreams back to life, Lay down our burdens by the river side, and wash remnants of cotton from our hands, If we shall pledge to study war no more, Bow to the sun thankful for the heavenly kiss it placed upon our skin, Drink the blood of our ancestors to symbolize the regaining of our pride, Sit atop golden thrones to learn our history, Life ainít been no crystal stair for me, But I have finally found my calling, This is worth dying for, so I am living for it, So my babies wonít have to fight no wars, and so my granny wonít have to cry no more, FREEDOM!!!!! THIS IS MY RELIGION
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