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shake dat laffy taffy Posted on 09-22-2005

hang it or **** it?
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replied on 10-01-2005 12:13AM [Reply]
Invincible-Blu wrote:
Who sings that? It sounds corny to me.
D4L When it first came out, I thought it was crunk but when I got back down here in Tallahassee it was just getting airplay. Every radio station is beginning to play it out now.
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ClassyWisdom08 replied on 10-09-2005 07:35PM [Reply]
Just another fad! It will be HUNG by next month...
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replied on 10-10-2005 10:08AM [Reply]
Laffy Taffy is OK when in the club, and 95% of everybody inside is intoxicated....but I dont wanna hear that ****when I'm driving home from work. *Inserts meaningful rap music from the 90's into CD player*
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cafe-aulait replied on 10-16-2005 10:41PM [Reply]
My song b/c I can't help but dance to it...
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replied on 11-02-2005 04:43PM [Reply]
I like the song, I guess it's cause I'm from the A and I know what the hell I'm doing when I do the dance. *Twists hips, snaps wrists, neck, and back back*. But really I only like it cause it's catchy
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TSUlady from Bloomington, IL replied on 11-03-2005 05:15PM [Reply]
when I first heard it I hated it, but it grew on me and I love it when dudes do that dance in the clubs so I say **** it.
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Perseverance replied on 11-03-2005 08:41PM [Reply]
As much as I hate to admit it, I'm beginning to like the song at least a little bit.
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~ADANNA~ replied on 11-07-2005 05:53PM [Reply]
~ADANNA~ wrote:
its kinda old, and its always been stupid....barely got any airplay over here, shoot, i cant even remember how that joint go....
well the song came back and now everybody loves it, and it gets alot of airplay...shoot, you'll probably see me banging my head to it too...
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The Big Girl Sweetz replied on 11-10-2005 08:42PM [Reply]
...ummm hang it...it think it is stupid as all hell!!!!! besides...i can't take the song seriously by the way the guy says "laffy taffy..."....i mean come on......
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The Nomad from Silver Spring, MD replied on 11-12-2005 05:44PM [Reply]

I like it. I mean, there's not much to it. It's a club song. Like what's been said over and over again, when you're in the club, nobody is trying to take time to understand the words. It's not easy to do when you lit anyway.
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