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Sweets, Angels, Diamonds, Pearls & Doves!,whats your opi Posted on 05-13-2004
charlotte, NC
Whats your opinion on this? some greeks that are paper get more respect than some of these Aux, members that pledged hard to get to where they are. Do you think they should be greek first, then become a sweetheart,dove,etc? And What are the stereotypes of the members of these organizations?
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saxxxmepoetically from akron, OH replied on 05-11-2005 06:47PM [Reply]

i dont have a problem with them, but i dont see the point in them NOW, back in the day, maybe, NOW no. and one bad apple in one Aux can mess up the whole name for everybody. Ex: check out HBCU LADIES "ruinin ni99ahs lives twice in one year" member of a Aux. and the fact that my boy came down here and told me that his bruhs ran a train on one of the girls, not the same one as ^^^
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