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!!!!!ITS OFFICIAL YALL!!!!!!! (please read) Posted on 10-11-2005

Mann....Kenya...folks juss dont know! I thought I was dealin wit a nice dude. And he was a tad bit older than me. Seemed like he had his head on straight...(well maybe it was a lil lopsided) but all this drama came from one dude! And I really cant stand it! Its coo tho. Cause this **** is gonna get his...TRUST! Yall better pray for me cause by the time december comes around...I dont know if this **** gonna have LEGS!
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ClassyWisdom08 replied on 10-14-2005 05:06PM [Reply]
Its_like_candie wrote:
Oh wait...I forgot to tell yall. The other night...the guy who was supposed to be my friend...me and him decided to talk to see if we can mend things between us. So we were online for like 2 hours talkin. Then towards the end...u know what he tells me??? The only way I could see us continuing to talk is if we're f*ckin. If we aiint f*ckin...then I dont wanna talk to u. So thats when I came to the conclusion that all it wasnt worth it. Cause previous to this convo that we had...we had talked over the phone for two hours and he had me crying and trying to tell my side of the story cause I didnt wanna lose him as a friend. But obviously that was juss for his own pleasure cause he took none of it to heart. SOoooOOO thats when i was juss like F*CK EVERYBODY...cause everybody sure did F*CK ME OVER GOOD!
As i was reading this thread the first time, the thoughts of your so-called friend being triflin' ran through my head. I personally feel that the guy talked about you to your "friend" and others (you know how males bond). So, it seems as if he is being loyal to him and not you...What a ****! Hmmm.. Maybe they are sleeping together?
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