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Truth in a bottle Posted on 10-18-2005

Upper Marlboro, MD
Yo, Its been a minute, but now I'm back up in it, Not finished, freshly replenished, the truth?, might take a minute, Need a leader?, dogg I been it, pop eyes, just got my spinach, Got a minute?, kid will have u bitin ur tongue just like a dentist, The bizness, we need to listen, what we missin is the maturity, Bush guards his ranch in Texas, we pay for homeland security, World trippin on different levels like one hot on that sticky, This the truth that u can swallow like rum, vodka and remy, I'm an OG, organized gentlemen, never one 2 get reckless, My only nine is some Jordans, and my biscuits r breakfast, High steppin, reppin Christ 2 the fullest, spiritual battle, The mind warped by the shadows, stress on ur back like a paddle, Truth spilling in ur glass of life, drink that if u thirst, B4 its ur mother or ur brother in the back of a Hurst, Kanye u said it first, Jesus walks, and Bush is a ****, And that goes for all those who play with life like it dont mean ...... I'm out...
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~*Secret*~ replied on 10-18-2005 09:21PM [Reply]
that was so hot!
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