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class notes(1) Posted on 10-20-2005

Monroe, VA
Writing Monologues Types of Monologues include: 1- Autobiographical narrative. Recalling stories and events from your own life. 2- Autobiographical character. Telling stories from your life using multiple characters. 3- Character driven fictional. Multiple characters. Imaginary story. To express a theme perhaps. 4- Reality based docu-monologues. Created from real life events. Use exact words from the people involved. 9-11, D-Day, or Columbine for example. 5- Topical Monologue. Similar to stand-up. Events of the day seen thru the eyes of the monologist. 6- Storytelling monologues. Fictional stories performed by actor. Usually narrative, often with in character bits thrown in the mix. - Access your private stories, memories, and points of view and put them into words. - Observe people. Listen to them talk. Develop your ear for dialogue. Use your imagination to put them into situations. - Learn to access your own truth, and utilize it as a writer. - Think of writing as like talking to yourself. - A tape recorder can be an effective way to develop material. - Use your observations of the real world. Examine your imaginary world. - Photographs, paintings, and newspaper articles can be very useful. - Improvisation is an excellent way to develop material. Questions Every Monologue Must Answer: 1- Who is your character? History, appearance, social standing, family, job etc. 2- What are the problems and complications that arise for this character? 3- When does the monologue take place? What time of day? Present, past, or future. 4- Where are we? Specify the exact setting. 5- Why does the character speak? What does he want? 6- How does your character resolve the complications you have set up? You must know specifically to whom your character is talking. Your character must have a goal. An ambition. An objective. What does your character want?
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