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Hampton Female Freshmen Dorms Posted on 10-24-2005
Somewhere, SC
I just wanted to know what are the best female dorms for freshmen at Hampton? Are any of the dorms like suites or do you have to share bathrooms with the whole hall? And can you be placed in the honor's dorms as a freshmen or do you have to be an upperclassmen? Thx. *muah*
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PoochieT from Cary, NC replied on 10-29-2005 01:31AM [Reply]

Most that I know of are hall format. Twitchell dorm to me is one of the best although each dorm has their own special charm. Twitchell does smell like **** when you first walk in but it does go away. The rooms are pretty big and the furniture is new. The lounge area is really nice and pretty much clean all the time. They have a few extra large dorms on some floors and their is airc onditioning. Kelsey has none but its a pretty good looking dorm though.
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HUSweetheart2009 from Bronx, NY replied on 11-04-2005 08:34PM [Reply]

Well as far as the honors dorms, you have to be a upperclassmen and they're pretty nice. Personally I like VC (Virginia-Cleveland Hall) because there is a variety of rooms and sizes to choose from. It IS the biggest female dorm so it is alot of girls (and drama) but as far as I know, they are the biggest when it comes to dorm spirit cause they always together. Plus, if you ask a freshman dude on campus which type of female they prefer, 8 times out of 10 they're sure to say a VC Cutie.! P.S- VC also has 2 lounges stocked w/stoves microwaves and a refrigerator. Think about it....
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ThatClassyGirl216 replied on 11-05-2005 12:22AM [Reply]
The best dorms to stay in at Hampton as a freshmen...stay in either Kelsey (true, there's no AC but the rooms are nice sized), Kennedy (female freshman honors dorm, computer 4 each student AND they're more lax on the rules than other freshman dorms) and Virginia Cleveland (although it's HUGE, they are pretty united as a dorm no matter WHAT!)
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Caprice replied on 11-08-2005 07:24PM [Reply]
Moton is most definitley the strictest dorm. We got put on early curfew for a week one time, and that was H-E-L-L. The dorm is pretty much surrounded by the freshman and upperclass boys dorms and an upperclass female dorm. The doubles are pretty sizable, but everything is always broken. And when it storms the electricity goes out and the damn fire alarm seems to like to go off at the worst possible times; and I'm talkin 2:30 in the morning or while your in the shower. But um, other than that, the girls get along pretty well for the most part....
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AtlChynaDawl replied on 12-02-2005 01:43PM [Reply]
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swyoungtay05 replied on 12-17-2005 03:17AM [Reply]
F WAT YOU HEARD!!!! THE BEST FEMALE DORM IS VC!!!! Y? I feel that you bond with females more. Personally, I never really had alot of female friends until comin to Hampton. I'm so happy I stay in VC, it's hall style, about 20 girls, 1 bathroom, but we never have conflict with showers or nething. I feel I've made life long friends with the girls on my hall, not all, about 6. lol. But its all what u make of it.
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replied on 02-09-2006 04:31AM [Reply]
Twitchell Hall at hampton are good dorms and my friend Kelly told me recently that hampton is suppose to be adding on female like dorm apartments or something like condoz or sumthin not sure of all the details i dont go there i talk to alumni and people that do u should go tour and see for your self what u might find comfortable might not be tha same as everone else :grin:
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swyoungtay05 replied on 05-09-2006 11:56PM [Reply]
VC ALLL THHEEE WAAAYYYY!!! I loved staying in Virginia Cleveland, I think out of all the freshman dorms we had the most unity. It's not bad as far as the way it looks. Depending on which hall you stay on ur room will be big or small. On my hall (FHALL) The rooms closer to the ends were the biggest. As far as size goes, ur first semester all the rooms are full, but after second semester alot of students will leave and you may end up with ur own room. Alot of ppl ended up with their own room second semester. Good Luck with ur decision.
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n3lly2cut3 from Monsey, NY replied on 08-19-2006 02:44PM [Reply]

what else is good at twitchell?? i have a single dorm and wanna no what to expect
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