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Just an expression Posted on 05-15-2004
|*Orange Moon*|

I feel like I need to write Get this emotion out This yearning This erge I know that im not a poet Been there Cant be defined by that Im an articulator What I see I must speak Breathe clarity Breathe life Light To those who are in the dark To those who aren’t focused …double vision I know im not a poet Cause my ish never rhymes Never seems to be popular But im always heard Always delivering Yes here I am im bringing your deliverance any takers?! :wink:
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blaquezilla replied on 05-17-2004 06:34PM [Reply]
yeah aight see you a poet, just dont know it, and like to show it, here's my hand and you can hold it, and as you flow never let go of it. ya dig. one
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P o e t i q R e i g n from Greensboro, NC replied on 05-19-2004 03:09PM [Reply]

^^haha...& umm...is that Leon in ya avatar? but anyway - Miss Tiara...i'm feelin' that...nice rhythmic way to bring together ya whole concept...without tryin' to rhyme...
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blaquezilla replied on 05-19-2004 09:27PM [Reply]
^^^um that is my pic. <<
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P o e t i q R e i g n from Greensboro, NC replied on 05-20-2004 12:36PM [Reply]

^^okay... well, based on that pic, u look a lot like leon... u know who i'm talkin' about...?
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blaquezilla replied on 05-20-2004 02:37PM [Reply]
nope cant say i do, so who is this leon?
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goodtwin77 replied on 07-21-2004 05:48PM [Reply]
naaaa your not a poet but your a prophet trust me on this one we all are prophets of something im sooooo glad that your a prophet of truth THANK YOU AND GOOD NIGHT
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oOoDazzlingDanceroOo replied on 07-21-2004 11:27PM [Reply]
i liked it..
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