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Oasis Posted on 11-18-2005

first of all...why am I JUST finding out about this board lol...I'm a writer just in case y'all didn't know...here's one of my poems (actually its's a tale) entitled "Oasis"...and it was actually written for my AP English class but since I just finished typing it I wanted other people's opinions...it's not my best but it's okay I guess... Oasis Ray sits sobbing in his dark bathroom He rubs his palm across his tear-stained cheek He sobs in pain as the blood begins to leak Suddenly, his father knocks at the door The crimson razor blade falls to the tiled floor “Son, what’s wrong?” said Ray’s dad “Nothing dad, I’m just feeling kinda sad” “I know times are rough but things will get better” “Dad, don’t give me that crap, that bogus plea Stop acting like you two actually care about me” “Son, I really don’t know what you mean” “I’m talking about you and mom, downstairs, making a scene I’m thinking something I shouldn’t be thinking Yea, It’s a horrible thought That this whole situation is really my fault” “Open this door son, face to face, we need to talk” “No, Dad, I just need to take a walk” The moon shone it’s light on the vacant country road Ray sits on the curb, thinking about his troubled past His mind was racing, racing quite fast Ray gazed at the stars and spoke to the heavens “God, can you just take me now, forgive me for what I’ve done wrong This place, this hell, is not where I belong” “Son, be a man, you must be strong I’ve put you here for a reason, I knew this would happen all along I’ll take you when I’m ready, but now is not the time You’re one of my foot soldiers, and you’re on the front line You’re a pillar of strength, you hold up my palace So son, strong yet gentle you should be, never callous There’s an oasis in this barren desert You’re close, but you’re not quite there and son, listen to your daddy, because he has something, with you, he needs to share.” Ray’s father hugged his son ever so tight In the early morning’s golden light “Son, I love you with all of my heart but as time passed, to express my love to you, has become kinda hard Your mother and me are having troubles But believe me son, this isn’t your fault We sought something that we couldn’t quite bare That oasis in the desert, son, it isn’t really there.” “But dad you’re wrong! It really is there, just over the horizon Let’s hold hands and take this journey together and someday soon, this journey will be over Dad, You’re my foot soldier and my pillar of strength and together, we can get through this Will you take this journey with me?” “ Son, I’ll do whatever it takes to make you happy but, a promise, I just can’t make I don’t know if your mother feels the same I think she’s done with this silly love game We’ve tried and tried for far too long Son...I’m afraid it was something I did wrong” “But daddy, that’s okay Because we’ve turned a stone today Love fills this room like it never did before I feel joy in my heart, deep down to the core and honestly, I couldn’t ask for much more and Dad, no matter how old I am I’m never too old to be loved We’ve won a battle and this house is no longer a shack because these pillars are so strong and so grand that we’ve built a mansion from the ground up “ So son, is our journey over?” “ Not quite dad, we still haven’t found our oasis in the desert but we’ll get there.” Ray and his father embarked on a journey so sweet Only God knows when them and their destination will meet But here, our tale ends on a pleasant note All I ask of you is to pass down this tale, this tale I wrote. ~Victor G.
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