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WHY DO GIRLS COME TO clubs AND NOT DANCE?or is that jus fam? Posted on 12-12-2005

oakland, CA
when i transfered down to fam, caLI native., i was suprised at the fact that the girls don't dance... i mean,you don't have to grind on people but jus standing in the back? why come?..... i personally refuse to holla at girls in the club.. yellin in each others ears.....competin with 85,0000 other cats...i'd rather find a better place to get at females that i don't have to pay for. :???:
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R-Tistic from Los Angeles, CA replied on 12-18-2005 04:16PM [Reply]

MissJazzyAKA wrote:
What are you trying to say about AKA's? Just because I am an AKA does not mean that I enjoy the club environment. Also, there has been many parties and events that were not hosted at clubs.
I didn't mean to say it like that, but just that most greeks always have parties at clubs and they are required to go to the club parties before they cross and after they cross, especially as neos.
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replied on 12-19-2005 12:42AM [Reply]
^^^...As Leon Phelps would say...That's cool. 8)
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replied on 12-19-2005 11:54PM [Reply]
I have homegirls who just WON'T dance at a club because their just PLAIN OLE SHY. They come out to get out of the house. Their not obligated to shake their as*es for no one. Don't get mad cause they won't dance with you. There's enough girls hot in the draws to get loose with. Respect that
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replied on 12-22-2005 02:45PM [Reply]
^^^...Lol. I'm pretty sure if your homegirls are shy, they're not posted up in the middle of the dance floor where dudes are sure to try and get at em. I mean, I'm not gonna try and get at you if you're on the side. Dudes can be thick sometimes, but not that thick.
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replied on 12-23-2005 02:50AM [Reply]
LOL Well actually there was one time I was soooo tired the last hour after a party. I"m off to the side and this dude is trying to nudge behind the tiny space between the wall and myself! Some dudes sometimes just don't get it. But why can't a guy come to the party and chill out instead of trying to grind his sweaty behind on us?? =; We're always on chill with our homegirls... Come on guys chill! :smt075 :smt075 :smt075
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replied on 12-24-2005 03:16PM [Reply]
Lol. Well, I mean, you must've been looking extra fly that night or something. I mean, what kinda club you talking about. Again, I think you're missing my point. You can chill and what not, but not in the middle of the dance floor which is meant for dancing, and for people who want to dance. Lol. 8)
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replied on 12-25-2005 02:08PM [Reply]
I love to dance....but not at clubs/parties !!!! The reason why is because 97.89 percent of the time guys are tryin to dry **** you to death and I don't like that. Also for many girls the shoes they wearin ( Steve Maddens) are not the most comfortable shoes.
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replied on 12-26-2005 09:05AM [Reply]
I'm not gonna be lookin at ya feet while we're dancin,so....yeah. Lol.
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Thoroughly_Confused replied on 12-27-2005 11:56AM [Reply]
I don't do clubs, haven't had the best experiences, but a party...now that's a different story. See my friends and I just hang around each other in a circle and guys tend to crowd around us, but if I don't wanna dance w/ sum1 i will stop dancin. If a guy start gettin a lil too friendly w/ the hands I will most def stop. That's what almost had me fightin at an Alpha cabaret. As for the people I know, they only stop dancin when it is sum1 they don;t wanna dance with...or it just gets too hot
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saxxxmepoetically from akron, OH replied on 12-27-2005 10:06PM [Reply]

Aiight so i went to the club this weekend... and cussed some hoes out... Yeah i know we were talkin about why females go to the club and not dance..and thats why i flipped out... I swear i told like 20 chicks to get off the dance floor if they wasnt dancing... 3 of them caught attitudes and moved..and the other 17 realized i was right and moved the hell out of the way. Damn females....
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