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More chapters suspended for being dumb (Hazing) Posted on 12-16-2005
charlotte, NC
AKA gets 5 years, SGRho, 7, for illegal intake, hazing activities KAP here today, gone tomorrow By: Danielle Moore Issue date: 11/19/05 Section: News Article Tools: Page 1 of 1 Barely three years after suspending two Greek organizations, Rust College again recently stamped out the activities of two others on campus. Three, in fact, considering the back today, gone tomorrow misfortune of another. The Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority and the Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority campus chapters are now proscribed. Both will not be allowed to carry out or engage in any functions on campus pertaining to their organization. The AKA is suspended for five years and the SGRho, seven years. Dr. Eric Jackson, dean of student affairs at Rust College, said the two organizations violated the college policy on hazing and new membership intake. "They get kicked out because they carried out illegal and unauthorized intake, and they were hazing as well." When asked to explain the different punishment meted out to each, Jackson relates the difference to the severity of the offense. He said that the SGRhos were given lengthier suspension because there was evidence of actual physical ****, but there was no such report regarding AKA. Jackson said the AKAs however engaged in another form of hazing. "AKAs didn't hit their victims, but the Gamma Rhos did. They think they could beat anyone. They physically beat their victims. AKAs hazing is mental and verbal torture, including extortion. Hazing in whatever form is illegal at anytime," Jackson said. "The AKAs forcibly require them to do certain things that are illegal. They could not eat certain things, they are not supposed to talk to a boy, they are supposed to dress in certain way, and they extortioned money from them, including compelling the intakes to buy gifts for members." The sororities are barred from sporting their paraphernalia, chanting their slogan, and hosting any event on campus. The decision to suspend them and the length, Jackson said, was made by the college president Dr. David L. Beckley. "The president steps in and he wants to send a strong message that here on this campus, we are not going to tolerate it. If you haze, you are not going to have an organization." Jackson said that students could get ****, injured, or maimed and the college could get sued. "This is one measure to protect the college from that kind of liability that can happen." Asked if there was any reactions from the regional and national chapters of each organization on the suspension, Jackson said that they have been informed; however, there is not much they can do in this situation. He explained that any sorority or fraternity on any college campus exists only because the college allows them. In addition, the schools have the power to say that Greek life is not permitted at any time deemed necessary. "The regional and national chapters were informed on the situation, but it's the school's ultimate decision to decide whether or not a sorority or fraternity should be suspended from a college campus during mishaps of this sort," he said. Dean Jackson explains the zero tolerance anti-hazing policy. He said no sorority or fraternity is allowed to physically **** anyone during the intake process, take any monies from anyone trying to join that organization, except the intake fee, nor should any sorority or fraternity begin an intake process without the authorization authorization from the school He said there is a memo that is circulated throughout the campus to all students informing them of the designated intake process and time period as approved by the school. The memo fully explains when the intake process begins and ends, and what is permitted and not during the intake process. "They knew about the antihazing policy. They all have the document that lay out the policy on hazing and what they are not supposed to do. It's in the student handbook and the brochure we distribute to everyone." He emphasized, "Each sorority and fraternity is well aware of the information stated in the memo." Soror Keila Crenshaw, the immediate past president of the proscribed AKA campus chapter, said that she was only "mildly informed on what was going on," and that she had no idea or knowledge of the hazing treatment to prospects. She said that she loves her sisters and "it was quite upsetting" to hear that her sorors behaved as alleged. Crenshaw finds the punishment too severe, however. "The entire chapter did not participate in the action, but the accusations were brought up on everyone," she said. Campus advisors to each organization refused to make any public comments on the issue when approached by The Rustorian. In another development, it was a short-lived joy for members of the Kappa Alpha Psi when the organization made a comeback last spring after a three-year hiatus on campus. Twelve new members were inducted including a new campus advisor. But, this fall the organization got axed again for a repeat violation of the anti-hazing policy. This time the fraternity is slapped with a five-year suspension by the college administration. According to one member, the suspension is unfair. "What happened did not occur on Rust campus, and the organization is not even directly involved."
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Pretty Kitty from landover hills, MD replied on 01-15-2006 04:11PM [Reply]

iiiswideshut wrote:
Hazing occurs regularly whether we accept it or not. Life is a man or woman's greatest hazer. Fraternities used to prepare you for life and acted as an appropriate challenge for a young person looking for a confidence builder. That is why young men used to go off to war to make the jump from boy to man. Hazing sets a price for membership and then lets members know who really desires membership or not. The military has been proclaimed as the countries largest fraternity and they still haze daily. Because to change people you remove their comfort zone. Frats are like military units in that they build some group dynamics by taking away some individuality. This requires somebody to sacrifice. When I pledged I sacrificed a great deal but gained more in the relatioships that were forged in the sacrifice like any group of people who experience a significant moment. While people are in college they are usually the poorest that will ever be and that usually is hazing in itself, forcing people to go in on meal or case of beer. All hazing of one kind or another! The elimination of hazing times changing people and people changing times,,,, but,,, as a man I appreciate daily the most vicarious I endured to gain membership in the Pershing Rifles, and other orgs I wont mention. There is some truth to if it does not **** you it will only make you stronger. Now if a life is lost in the process it is a sure sign that the person doing the hazing is a fool and the organization has produced the same! The history of hazing is the history of mankind!
I agree But if you are beating a person to bleeding, losing organs and stuff and **** them, then yes, something is wrong. there is a difference between hazing and pledging
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replied on 01-15-2006 04:58PM [Reply]
I'm telling you all... Someone fly me out or give me the opportunity to run these pledgers for a week. They would all quit.
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cutiepie@csu from cincinnati, OH replied on 01-24-2006 04:26PM [Reply]

saxxxmepoetically wrote:
i guess some org's just dont learn. I dont know the details but right now on my yard some of the AKA's got suspended for hazing, Tau Beta Sigma got suspended right after their pro-show, and now even though some of them dont want to admit it the Kappa's are suspended for fighting the Alpha's. not to mention the SGRho's were supposed to be back on the yard last year and got caught trying to run an underground line, but they should be back this year... and the Zeta's got suspended supposedly for hazing. but i think that they are coming back this year... So right now we have Iota's Sigma' Alpha's Delta's some AKA's KKPsi and some other ones like Mu Phi Epsilon and Sigma Gamma Psi
Thats not to mention that the Alpha's also fought the ques at icebreaker.... hmmm some people just don't get it. I don't think Central will ever have a divine nine campus somebody is always suspended.... I can't wait til everybody starts to come out within the next few months. What did TSB do after their proshow to get suspended?
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