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Dylan - "Dear Diddy (Puffy Diss)" Posted on 05-18-2004
charlotte, NC
Right Click picture 4 tha song thats his new joint lol! juss crazieNess!!! he say "dont u eva call me a liar on national TeeVeee,, Rude Boi blast shotz, bomm fiYah, babyboy here takeya pacifier!! :lol:
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La replied on 05-19-2004 07:29PM [Reply]
I'm not gonna ever bother to listen to it cause I cant ever understand what Dylan be saying anyway... :roll: :roll: :roll:
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Hypnotik Ivy from Pasadena, CA replied on 06-02-2004 04:09PM [Reply]

^^^ Dylan don't even know what he sayin'. :roll:
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replied on 06-03-2004 09:53AM [Reply]
Diddy don't care about this, but I think it was kinda funny tho on Dylan's part. I like the beat he used too (2Pac's "Ambitionz as a Ridah"). But the best line in the song is by the other guy in song, I don't know who he is tho. At first I thought it was Choppa. He say somethin like... "Might I add, when 'Pac let the beef hit Yall was scared I could hear the buckles when your knees shake" It won't the greatest diss song ever, but it was something new to hear.
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