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Anote of apology& Regret PLZ READ Posted on 01-09-2006

Atlanta, GA
LET me school u don't ever get caught up in one girl and what she did you and why, the thing I always stress the most is that its more women than men so you just gotta go get another one, if one acts up replace her but don't down the whole black female race,because of a few bad experiences you have to realize we are blessed with some of the most beautiful women in the world in our race. You just gotta know the right ones to pick if she left for another white,black,hispanic,asian ect. she wasn't worth it f her move on. AS I ALWAYS SAY NEEEEEEEEEEXXXXXTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!! :lol:
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glamorous10 replied on 01-10-2006 09:42AM [Reply]
First off Im a black woman and I'm not gone go off and all that, because i know you posted this for attention. But hey if you want to be with a white girl thats fine, thats one less broke **** us (BLACK WOMEN) gotta deal wit. Don't blame her because you to triflin to pay ur phone bill and now u you expect her to jock u. When little do you know this probably doesn't have anything to do with her ex-boo or you inability to pay your bills she probably thinks ur missing a few screws, because you sure sound like it.
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