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Commnity Service Posted on 01-14-2006

The community service aspect of pledging happens anyway. Anytime a person becomes a better stronger person then communities reap the benefits. The community service aspect as we see it today is nothing but politically correct way to argue the purpose of our frats. African American frats are an offshoot of European frats which were not developed for community service, they were created for networking purposes and that is what ours were created for. From Sigma PI Phi the first professional AA fraternity to Alpha PHI ALPHA the first undergrad AA fraternity. They were all designed for networking, The community service argument should be consequence of our org not the purpose. Frats were used to seperate the creme from the rest and that is history. I would go into masonic history but that would go over some peoples heads. You can have hazing, safety, networking, and community service because that is what those who came before us did. For all those who have no real understanding of pledging as it used to be, will never know what they miss.
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Blutifully Human replied on 01-18-2006 12:40PM [Reply]
hmmm..., interesting how this post was overlooked. I think you're actually going somewhere with this one.
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