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Who's the Best? Posted on 05-19-2004

Who do you all think is the best HBCU? Just tryna start some stuff and make the board interesting... If you think that school is the best tell why you think so...
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Kismet_TNT replied on 05-19-2004 11:15AM [Reply]
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replied on 05-19-2004 11:44AM [Reply]
HAMPTON UNIVERSITY Because I go there. 8)
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BrownSugar from Columbus, OH replied on 05-19-2004 11:54AM [Reply]

since we are all reppin' our schools . . . . . SPELMAN COLLEGE :lol:
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phatpharm09 replied on 05-19-2004 01:55PM [Reply]
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Just Me replied on 05-19-2004 02:15PM [Reply]
this jus another rep your school post..but yawl know I bleed orange and green so Im down...clearly its FAM-U!!! FAM-U!! FAM GOT DAYUM U AIIGHT AIIGHT AIIGHT!!!!!
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MissCAU from Decatur, GA replied on 05-19-2004 02:43PM [Reply]

Clark Atlanta University Without CAU there is no AUC.
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Poody from Sandy Springs, GA replied on 05-19-2004 02:45PM [Reply]
(big sigh) Is this what the world has come to? African American students coming on the internet, which was designed to help students but now is used for many **** issues becuz yall can't preciate nuffin(cough) excuse me because appreciation is a very low factor these days, and trying to see who has the best school. Let me tell you young kids something right now, all schools are great and you should not beat someone up for not going to your school which you portRay as the best you should...... oh enough of this ALBANY STATE HO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Soul D-Psi-ple from Mount Rainier, MD replied on 05-19-2004 02:49PM [Reply]

naw............ THE MECCA! HU!..........................YOU KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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VenemousVSU83 replied on 05-19-2004 03:22PM [Reply]
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