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(Hella negative) Article on Black Greeks, by FAMU Student Posted on 02-25-2006

Orangeburg, SC
R-Tistic wrote:
She does raise some good points
What are the good points?
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AKAtude from brooklyn, NY replied on 02-27-2006 02:28AM [Reply]
All I have to say is ignorance is a bliss. Clearly her article is bias and she didn't take time to truly research the topic of greek life prior to writing. She just threw a bunch of "hearsay" and thoughts into her article but didn't look at the FACTS. WE KNOW WHAT WE STAND FOR, WHO WE ARE, HOW MUCH LOVE WE HAVE FOR ONE ANOTHER AND HOW MUCH WE DO FOR OUR COMMUNITY AND THE GLOBAL COMMUNITY AS A WHOLE. If people really feel like this then why are there so many prosperous greeks in our past and present? Martin Luther King, JR. (A Phi A), Maya Angelou (AKA), Huey P. Newton (Sigma), W.E.B. Du Bois (A Phi A), Rev Jesse Jackson (Que), A. Philip Randolph (Sigma), Michael Jordan (Que), Robert Johnson (Founder and CEO of BET, Kappa), Johnnie Cochran, Jr (Kappa), Bobby Rush (Iota), Rosa Parks (AKA), Nikki Giovanni (DST), Lena Horne (DST), Zora Neale Hurston (Zeta), Ruth Whitehead Whaley (first black woman to pratice law in the USA, SGRho) What about the role that BGLO's played in the civil rights movement? Then again based on her WEAK article I guess these people or events just don't matter huh? Like I said Ignorance is SUCH a BLISS. SMH she done got me started! ::AKAtude exits stage left::
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R-Tistic from Los Angeles, CA replied on 02-27-2006 11:22AM [Reply]

LOL I feel u...yeah she really didn't research it at all. The only points that I would say I agree with are just how it tends to divide people who are aimin to be Greek and some who are Greek, but even that is subjective. I also think people put too much energy into things such as election week campaignin, in which most are only doin it to make somebody's line, when there are other issues that are ignored. I also don't agree how some people tend to join other organizations as "stepping stones" and "resume builders" instead of joinin them with a real purpose. But aside from that, most Greeks that I know of actually do service, and most of the influential people in our history have had Greek affiliations.
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PGPeripheryGirl from NY, NY replied on 03-06-2006 05:32AM [Reply]
The intro was so poorly written I refuse to read beyond that.
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AKAtude from brooklyn, NY replied on 03-06-2006 07:23PM [Reply]
PGPeripheryGirl wrote:
The intro was so poorly written I refuse to read beyond that.
you english/econ major u! :lol:
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KärolinaPläyboy from charlotte, NC replied on 03-09-2006 06:15PM [Reply]
you can say the same stuff about football teams: they're all different, Many people try to get in, but only are few are chosen, the players have no direct lineage with the symbol they represent & have strived hard for. etc. and why are blacks being singled out in this? All white GLO's are not greek-blooded members either. One more thing....
There is no excusing why some students would rather gain letters than equality. Who you give your money and time to is who you give power to in America.
I give my money to the meat market, and the people that wash my car.... that doesn't mean I'm necessarily giving them power? It's a constant cycle of goods & services, supply & demand....the money has to come from somewhere and go to something. equality is THAT balance
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DatMorehouseDude07 replied on 03-19-2006 12:08AM [Reply]
That's wasssup.
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'manda replied on 03-19-2006 10:41PM [Reply]
this is truly a horribly written essay. i thought paragraphs were supposed to have 5 - 7 sentences... but i kinda agree with the last bit:
the poorly written article wrote:
... treat everyone just like your "frat" brother or "soror." Every student on campus should be strolling and stepping together in love and respect for one another.
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Soundcheck 1898 replied on 03-20-2006 12:46AM [Reply]
This is not to discredit some of the concepts that are in the Willie Lynch letter but how many people know the letter is supposedly a hoax? I ask because if this person considers themself a journalist there are certain things they have an obligation to research and shouldn't cite. The Willie Lynch letter being one (unless they are talkin about the concepts but not actually from a historical standpoint because the letter supposedly came around in 1993). Like i said this isn't to discredit some of the concepts in the letter as some of them are very real but in this case this persons example doesn't help them or us at all.
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DatMorehouseDude07 replied on 03-20-2006 01:29AM [Reply]
Now that's sumthin that I haven't heard. The Willie Lynch letter culd be a fake! Interesting. Where's Scooby Doo and the gang when u need them??? :lol:
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