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does it matter? Posted on 03-03-2006

today my sister and I went to go get matchin Capricorn tattoos and the we were over her friends Johnelle house and she was braiding this guyz hair n all and all of a sudden he told her even though you pretty I would never date a "darksin female thats just my preference" she looked confused and then he told my sister he would fucc the shyt outta of her "I loove them RED BONEZ" and his friend who was over there wit him agreed dapping him up and shyt. my sister although she light skinned wasnt going along with them she said Nellie's pretty though and the guy Tashawn was like "she too dark for me where I come from in New orleans the best of the best be them Red Bonez Shawty u digg" Then I was like thats messed up Im not darskin either but I feel that was messed up Cuz I know maaad fellas that date all types of black females I personally neva been through no guy tellin me cuz im not dark or light enuff blah thats crazy to me darkskin, brownskin, cinnamon,caramel, whatever it shouldnt matter to you if u feelin her But does it matter really? Im just curious do a lot of guyz feel this way?
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YoungPhenom4TheFuture replied on 01-25-2007 03:58PM [Reply]
LaBellaChica06 wrote:
here is a documentary a 14 year old girl made. It is SO sad! http://youtube.com/watch?v=rjy9q8VekmE
oh my god..the part where the lil girl said the black doll look "bad" ...and then she had to say that was the one that looked like her...that broke my heart man.
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