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Any AUC Ladies Posted on 03-22-2006

So for the Spelman Women, When did ya'll get your scholarships? I was reading some of the old threads for info and saw the excellent response. Class of 2010 is just as excited and anxious as ya'll were, so any advice ya'll have would be great. Like what sort of things do freshmen do during the week? How are the class schedules? Do you normally get the classes you need? What is Manley Hall like? I heard about HH, LLCI and Abbey but nothing about Manley.
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itsBrittany from Hampton, VA replied on 03-25-2006 02:01PM [Reply]

My friend's sister stays in Manley. I believe its right across from the Bookstore and the rooms are kinda small. I think that's what she said. I will be sure to text her though and let you know if I find anything out.
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LadyJag7 replied on 03-30-2006 04:29AM [Reply]
When you ask what do freshwomen do during the week are you referring to orientation or during the school yr? I can't even remember when I heard about my scholarship, I know it was after Spelbound though, but my advice on that issue is to stay on them especially if you know you have the grades/stats to qualify for a scholarship. And I stayed in Manley my first yr and I like it. The rooms really weren't that bad, the atmosphere was chill, we didn't relaly have a lot of problems. Normally you will get the classes you want, I know I pretty much have in the past. When registration starts you just have to make sure to be online b/c classes will close up before you know it. I hope I was at least somewhat helpful, if you have anymore questions you can hit me up if you would like.
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replied on 03-30-2006 08:46AM [Reply]
i meant during the school year..but if you care to elaborate on both...go ahead!
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LadyJag7 replied on 03-30-2006 02:17PM [Reply]
During the week, I would hope freshwomen would just be concentrating on school and studying. I mean having fun is good but that's where a lot of girls go wrong when they get here. It can be hard to try and recover after freshman year. But on the weekend there are always parties that have shuttles for those who don't have rides. And during orientation week there's a whole lot of different stuff going on but i'll just let that remain a surprise for you :0)
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replied on 03-30-2006 04:30PM [Reply]
Yeah...I'm gonna be in them books..i'm hopin for a scholarship. Everyone tells me to be on the staff about scholarships...what do they mean? And would it be wise to appeal for more $ from Spelman? I hear that's what you're supposed to do, but I'm not sure. I'd feel ungrateful.
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LadyJag7 replied on 03-31-2006 03:36AM [Reply]
Be on the staff as in calling about scholarships/grants/etc that you qualify for so that you can make sure you get all the money form them that you can. You're dealin with black people, there's no time to be tryna be sensible.
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replied on 03-31-2006 08:54AM [Reply]
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Imaginelyfe06 replied on 04-09-2006 09:02PM [Reply]
alright Tonya Ill look for you!
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itsBrittany from Hampton, VA replied on 04-17-2006 08:56PM [Reply]

Laura and I will be on the lookout!
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