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It's All I Know Posted on 03-28-2006

Landover, MD
It’s All I Know Others may not see my place as relaxing, but I love it just the same. Sitting on a merry-go-round, that looks like a pie divided into 8 pieces. **** grass and wood chips provide my feet, with a surface to relax on. The smell of cigarettes and marijuana is death, not welcoming but all too familiar. The smells linger in and out, as I try to make sense of my thoughts. The rusted bars remind me, of the many dreams failed by my community. Poverty, **** and **** surround me everyday. The bars provide support when I can't quite grasp the reality of life. Stray dogs and cats walk the streets, unafraid of human presence. Little children run over to the merry-go-round, and begin to take over. I relocate to the swing, where the seat has been worn-out. As if the seats couldn't handle the problems of the patrons before me. There are no birds chirping, the sun hides behind the clouds as if, it is afraid to shine light on darkness. No rainbow of colors ranging in hue, instead composed of grey and black. looking up into the sky, I imagine a place better than the one that surrounds me, but I come to realize that it doesn't exist… not here at least.
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