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Most Slept-on Song Posted on 05-20-2004

What do you think are some of the most slept-on songs ever recorded? In other words, what song(s) do you feel should've had more airplay on the radio or should've been a bigger hit than what it actually turned out to be?
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Perseverance replied on 05-23-2004 12:53AM [Reply]
QT_Cutie2007 wrote:
Kindred - Far Away
Cosigns...I was just about to say that.
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Poody from Sandy Springs, GA replied on 05-29-2004 02:50AM [Reply]
They fightin in the club - I-20
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GaPeAcH replied on 05-29-2004 05:58AM [Reply]
HU-Queen wrote:
ANYTHING by mos def, talib kweli, or raphael saadiq
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replied on 05-29-2004 04:43PM [Reply]
"Charlene" by Anthony Hamilton
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Poody from Sandy Springs, GA replied on 06-01-2004 12:59AM [Reply]
Nasty Grind is starting to grow on me, i don't know why but i'm starting to like that song even though it makes me think she has ****
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replied on 06-01-2004 01:02AM [Reply]
Common- I Used To Love H.E.R
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replied on 06-05-2004 01:31AM [Reply]
702-Still Love You-I love this song....but they hardly played it Common-Come close to Me-liked this one too....hardly NO air play Case-Shoulda known better-they hardly ever play this song Memph Bleek and Nate Dogg-Need me in your life-for some reason i like this song and the only station i hear it on is NSU's 91.1 :?
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Perseverance replied on 06-05-2004 02:08AM [Reply]
VCUcutie07 wrote:
702-Still Love You-I love this song....but they hardly played it
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oOoDazzlingDanceroOo replied on 06-11-2004 01:01AM [Reply]
Wishin' On A Star-Beyonce'
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R-Tistic from Los Angeles, CA replied on 06-26-2004 08:13PM [Reply]

Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg - The wash I was feelin this more than Next episode and Still Dre...I think that if the wash had a video that was like a throwback with the lo los and alla that, it woulda been a classic. But even L.A. radio wasn't playin it.
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