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After My First Year At Howard (changed man) Posted on 06-08-2006

First of all, I havent been on here in forever. I was actually surprised at Howard. I thought it would be even easier than high school, but to my surprise...it wasnt. Not that it was hard or anything, but I did pull an all nighter once. I think I have a bit more respect for you people now that I've seen you in action. You arent as pompous and arrogant as you are on these boards and I appreciate that. But then again, most of you are cowards in real life. I remember there was a topic on here about people who were going to be on the cheer squad. I'm glad some of you didnt make it because had you, I would have been more thoroughly disgusted than I already was. Anyway, keep up the good work in your inferior schools. Congrats. When you graduate your diplome will be next to worthless. Fortunately, I will go to a real school for grad school so I can get a job, which is more than I can say for most of my peers (you statistics...). Oh, and dont get pregnant over the summer because a lot of you are too poor or ignorant to get abortions.A
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Home > Forums > General Discussions > Tha Yard > Archives > The Graveyard (2005)
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