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A Message Someone Sent Me About Their "Education" Posted on 06-08-2006

SyriusBlaque wrote:
Sir, you are a very sad individual. You have given me something to look forward to when I start my own magazine. I want to show our black youth that we have a lot to be proud of. Preference of race does not mean that you can turn your back on your own. I hope you are happy with your life and denial of your black culture. I will instill great values and morals into mine. I love my race and we are a beautiful people. And you are beautiful your damn self brother. I will not look down on you because of your preference but because of your self denial. Your shame. There are lots of white people that hate you. I hope you have peace with that. One.
And my response: Of course I'm serious. Why wouldnt I be? You people disgust me for the most part because you dont act right. Anybody gives you anything, and you ruin. This includes school. And that's fine that you will get a second rate education from your precious HBCU, you'll see that it's worthless in the real world anyway. Worse still, is it probably will leave you ill equiped to teach your children anything other than to gang **** or sell ****. But that's your pathetic existence. And I dont deny black culture. It doesnt exist. Tell me what black culture is. Slavery? Lynching? Cooning? Oh wait, Basketball right? Or rap music? 50 Cent is the epitome of black culture? Please. Get it together and do something with your life. Dont you get it yet?
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Home > Forums > General Discussions > Tha Yard > Archives > The Graveyard (2005)
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