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Shaeeda Mensah
Location: Owings Mills, MD United States
Joined: Apr 15th, 2004
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Current Whereabouts:
I am currently a first-year student at Spelman College who is double majoring in sociology and history. I am enrolled in four classes that equal a total of sixteen credit hours and spend a minimum of ten hours a week volunteering at a nearby inner-city elementary school. At Dean Rusk Elementary I serve as both a mentor and a tutor. Three days a week I individually tutor four students who are not currently reading on grade level. I also tutor two students who are not working on their grade level in the subject of math and additionally I volunteer with three paid employees for a program called Hands On Atlanta. As a volunteer for Hands on Atlanta I mentor and assist students in grades kindergarten through fifth to complete homework assignments, further develop skills that they feel they are lacking. I am also often responsible for creating academic and athletic activities to keep them entertained. When I am not in class or at community service I can be either found at football practice or in a club meeting. I am currently on a first-year dorm powder-puff football team that practices eight to ten hours a week. I play defensive end and frankly I just get the opportunity to put my lady like qualities in my back pocket. With any time I have left I am in a meeting with one of the various organizations I am involved in at Spelman. Whether it is the Bonners Scholars Program, the Ethell Waddell Githii Honors Program, the Morehouse History Majors Club, the National Coalition of 100 Black Women or the NAACP, I am there learning and sharing my experiences. In general I am taking advantage of all of the activities that my first-year of college allows me to participate in. As I continue my education and work to brighten my future I always remember that I got to where I am because of the help of others, and for that reason I am always willing do all I can to help another.
Education   (request update)
Spelman College class of 2007
Undergrad Major: Sociology
Claim To Fame:
My claim to fame is that I am making a positive impact on the African-American community one child at a time. Over the past two years I have dedicated hundreds of hours to making sure that African-American youth know that with hard work and determination nothing can hold them back in life. As an African-American female who was raised in the New York City Projects, I know how easy it is to just accept your situation and expect nothing better. So I have made it my duty to make sure that young adults know that bigger and better things exist for everyone who is willing to put in the work to get them. I have taken on the role of being both a mentor and a tutor in schools where minorities make up the majority of the population. I have decided that regardless of how well or bad my day is going I still need to get a message across. I have involved myself in dozens of young adultís lives and I know that I have touched their lives in a positive way. If in my entire life I can only claim to have truly touched one person I will be satisfied. I am a true example of the ability of an individual to rise above circumstances. I am using my own experiences to show others that the only thing standing in the way of their success is themselves. And that is my claim to fame.
Most Memorable Moment:
My first year in college has allowed me to experience many memorable moments, people, and events but most memorable moment occurred during a session where I volunteered to speak to a group of high school students and I found that a heavy burden was lifted off my shoulders. At the end of the meeting one of the other Spelman students who volunteered stood up and told the group of high school students how they could do anything they put their mind to. This did not come to a surprise to me because it was something most people told students who were on a road of success, but my fellow Spelmanite continued on to say how she came from a poor family, but had still some how found a way to finance college. She explained how she never knew her father and that the single mother who raised her has worked at the local k-mart for as long as she can remember. As the words flowed from her mouth I came to realize that I was not the only one trying to go from rags to riches. I have always heard people complain of how they did not have money, but I didnít see people shedding the tears I shed when I was forced to figure how I would pay my tuition. But, this fellow Spelmanite had made it some how and some way, she was a rising senior and she could stand up and tell how she had not given up no matter how hard times got. She confirmed that I wasnít the only one in the struggle and that although I might not be ahead in the race to financial success, I was still an eligible person in the competition.
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wuz happenin,spreadin dat love from dat boy from Louisiana,, enjoy next semest migh run into each other I'll be over there promoting my last street album coming second semester before my major label deal) hear music
Tagged by GUMBO . on 12/29/2004  
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Tagged by Chris Johnson on 12/16/2004  
Hey beautiful! Good Luck in all that you are trying to accomplish. Keep you head up and you will succeed. I hope to meet you soon, if not then take care!
Tagged by Darnell Blocker on 08/12/2004  
Hello fellow Spelmanite, just stopping by to show some sisterly love. Hopefully I will see ya around. Well enjoy your last couple weeks of summer.Hollla
Tagged by Tamara Rogers-Gant on 08/02/2004  
Oh by da way your words have just encouraged me a step further to continue to pursue my dreams! Thanks!!!
Tagged by Deborah Owhin on 07/22/2004  
Hey whats gwannin?!? Just another fellow Spelmanite Sista here!!! Sendin some Luv from London, England!!! Got any advice for a 1st year student ??? Iím reppin the class of í08 (humpty dumpty) Stay Blessed (Jesus Loves You!!!)
Tagged by Deborah Owhin on 07/22/2004  
keep it goin well spoken ebony queen; you belong at hu i got your app ready when u ready
Tagged by Mayowa Solarin on 06/01/2004  
wassup wit ya? keep on doin what you doing... jus showin u some love... return the favor... holla at me when u get a chance
Tagged by Remi Oguntoye on 05/07/2004  
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