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I have two questions. (1922 hits)

Firstly, how do you explain the recent incident of the Black professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. arrested for disorderly conduct in his own home in Cambridge, Massachusetts?

Second question is, how do you explain the accidental killing of a Black NYPD officer by a White NYPD officer, that the White officer assume that the Black officer, was the criminal since the White officer saw the Black officer gun drawn while chasing a Black suspect?

Now, my personal take on these incidents is that they have always been happening and they will always continue to happen because Blacks and Whites are entirely two different people with Whites having the advantage.

Psychology is no doubt involved here. The thinking process of how Whites, and Blacks interprets the same incidents is historically and remarkably different, and always to the disadvantage of Blacks. I know that my analytic assessment is right, since the reverse has never happened in history of any police department across the country.

These unfortunate incidents today I do not think have the same deadly ingredients as in the era when the Ku Klux Klan was a clear terrorist organization that operated without impunity in White American society against Blacks for many decades.

Now, while things are considerably different from those days compared to today, nevertheless the accidental and innocent killings of Blacks could only be remedied by Blacks inheriting a portion of this continent from our slave ancestors that we could call our very own country with borders that we may have a complete independence from White America to pursue Life, Liberty, Happiness and Prosperity.

I would especially like to hear the opinions of my most outspoken critics against my concept of sovereignty, which is the permanent solution for Black Americans.

What say you?
Posted By: Harry Watley
Thursday, July 23rd 2009 at 11:01AM
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Let me first respond to this by telling two stories. And yes, this is a test.

Two weeks ago I was taking side streets to get to a client site. The route took me through townships that are small and closely connected. The speed limit changes back and forth, from 30 MPH to 35 to 40 to 35 and then 45, at various points, and it changes almost block to block.

So I’m coming down the street and a cop sees me, does a U turn and hits his lights. Now, I don’t stop immediately because I assume that he can’t possibly be coming for me, and that he must want to get around me. So I move to the lane next to the curb and slow down. After about a block and a half, I realize he is coming for me so I turn into a store parking lot. Now, truth be told, I’m pissed because (a) I wasn’t speeding and (b) I’m already pressed for time to get to a meeting. But I’m cool. Cop asks me why I didn’t stop. I say I didn’t immediately realize you were coming for me. Cop says I flashed my lights. I say I thought you were trying to go around, at first. Cop asks me if I knew what the speed limit was. I say 40. He says no, it was 30 at the point I turned around and you were doing 43. I say well, the speed limit changes block to block and I could not tell. He gets license, registration and insurance card. Comes back says no problem, no ticket, but next time stop right away, because who knows what the emergency could have been. I say okay, we exchange niceties and we’re off. The entire exchange was pleasant and civilized. I gave him his props; he gave me mine. We even joked at the end. The cop was white; he never disrespected me or condescended. I even made the meeting on time.

Next story:

About 25 years ago, I was coming home from college during the winter break. I was in a beat up old car driven by my roommate, and three other guys, all black. We’re driving through this town, Cambridge, MD where the last recorded lynching of a black man had occurred. Aware of this, we’re driving slow. Cop pulls in behind us and starts to follow. Scared now, we go even slower. Cop hits the lights so we stop. White cop comes over and asks the driver for his license. He looks at it, looks in the car and then says “follow me.” We follow his car into the town, and up this alley. At this point, we’re all praying. Emmitt Till flashed through my mind. Turns out that was a short cut to the back of the police station. The white cop’s partner was black. He comes up screaming at the top of his lungs to “get out of the car!” Stunned, none of us move at first. Then he comes closer and yells again. As we start to open the doors to the car, he goes wild, and kicks at the doors, slamming them shut, yelling, “no not you just the driver.” The driver gets out he grabs him and damn near throws him into the police station, telling us “don’t move!” He comes out a few minutes later with the most vicious looking dog I had seen. The dog was snarling and barking, just itching to get at us. He held the dog so close that the dog’s spittle was spraying us. When we tried to roll up the windows he yelled again. And for the next 20 minutes while the driver was in the station, he lectured us about how we were “*****s from the city” and we “don’t do nothing but cause trouble” and how we “think we’re better because we are in college.” The driver came out with more cops, and then they yelled for us all to get out so they could search the car. For the next hour they went through the car. Finally, they let us go. They waited for us to put our stuff they had scattered all over the ground back in the car, and then followed us to the city limits as we drove off. They gave the driver a ticket for “speeding” which was bogus, but we were so damned scared we said nothing. It wasn’t the whites who terrorized us, it was that “black” cop who did all their work. And I say did it for them because no one came out to stop him the entire time he threatened us. Sad to say, this isn’t the first time a black cop clowned like that. When I was 15 I saw a black cop jump out of a car and put a gun to my friend’s head, later explaining he did so “because he could.”

Thursday, July 23rd 2009 at 12:05PM
Thursday, July 23rd 2009 at 1:48PM
Hello Clark,

I read your two stories and I do not want to take anything for granted. It seems to me that you may be sending me a message concerning the behavior of the Black cop, probably in reference to my statement that the reverse of Black cops killing White people does not happen.

So, please clarify yourself by being more specific. I do not want to interpret your experience by myself. I want you specifically to explain your experience, where you believe I am wrong about my blog.

So again, I do not want to take anything for granted. Please tell me specifically what I should learn from your experience of your two stories.

What say you?

Thursday, July 23rd 2009 at 4:25PM
Harry Watley
Hello Mr. Mozell,

What do you mean by, hmmm?

What say you?
Thursday, July 23rd 2009 at 5:08PM
Harry Watley
Ms. Irma,

I could understand what it means that Black Americans have come a far way. What does tha phrase mean?

What say you?
Thursday, July 23rd 2009 at 5:10PM
Harry Watley
There are several points in these stories, but one point is that unfortunately the enemies of black people don’t always come in white skin and that sometimes the worst enemies of black people have been blacks themselves. And that some of the best allies of black people have been white. Just as we understand the dangers of being viewed monolithically by the majority, it can be to our detriment to act monolithically in terms of our approach to and interactions with others, and ourselves.

Funkadelic said, “Free your mind, and your azz will follow.” “Azz” in this context is metaphorical. People laugh at that but there is so much truth in that statement. Another point is that if learn to use our minds and intellect (instead of our azz as most are predisposed to do, but don’t realize it) we gain a measure of control over most situations, individually and collectively, when we are dealing with reasonable people (and even some unreasonable) however they may be consciously or unconsciously predisposed to take an adversarial position; and that we are able to tell the difference.

Black people need to become sovereign in their own minds and in how they view themselves, first and foremost. And you can’t do that if you are working from the assumption that white people are superior, by virtue of them being “white.” Advocating for sovereignty without first advocating and working towards a collective mental and intellectual sovereignty is putting the cart before the horse, in my opinion.

Worse still, I can imagine what the national character of the nation that results from sovereignty when you are asking blacks to do this as a result of accepting that (sic) “white people have ten times the thinking power of blacks,” for example, and therefore need to go off and establish a sovereign nation as a response. Such a nation would, at best, be a Bantustan and likely be a haven for the likes of that black cop. As a proud black man I would not want to live in such a place.

Thursday, July 23rd 2009 at 6:25PM
Thursday, July 23rd 2009 at 7:09PM
Hello Mr. Clarke,

Okay, I believe I understand where you are coming from now about your experience in those two stories.

The first point you raised is that Black peoples worst enemy is sometimes themselves, and your supporting reference was how terrible and frightening that Black cop treated you and your friends. Then you said that some of Black people’s best allies have been Whites.

However, my analogy is based on the historical history of how the relationship between Whites and Blacks have been in this country for hundreds of years, right up these modern days. Let us not forget that the foundation of Blacks relationship with Whites began in brutal slavery, and today I hold nothing against Whites. Whites are our relatives.

Your example is no more than a stupid rogue Black cop, and therefore, you are comparing apples to oranges. You really do not understand the significance of what I am saying.

Next, you raised the point of mental sovereignty versus my concept of physical sovereignty. Mental sovereignty is not real because you cannot touch it, nor can you see it. Mental sovereignty is just having a thought. Mental sovereignty is as good as a person incarcerated tricking himself to believe that he is free when in reality he is not free.

On the other hand, my concept of sovereignty is real because you have borders to protect and you can fly over our portion of this continent, as I desire for us to have and see our sovereignty with your own eyes. Now, while I am vigorously pressing Black Americans that complete independence is honorable, and our only permanent solution, simultaneously the mental part of sovereignty is interacting with the physical desire to have it. So, that should put to rest your skepticism.

The last point you raised had to do with my previous statement that White Americans can outthink Black Americans 10 to 1, and that is a fact. I analytically calculated that Whites could out think Blacks based on the fact that Whites have been at the wheel of thinking longer than Blacks have especially on very sensitive issues.

For example, I know that White Americans are experience in thinking since they had to prepare the country’s budget while they were still a 13-colony nation and Blacks were still in slavery picking cotton. So do you not think that Whites’ experience overshadows Blacks thinking abilities? Perhaps I could be wrong, and I am willing to listen to you.

I noticed that your biggest mistake is to downplay Blacks as a collective body of people to support in our desire to accomplish the one thing that is beneficial to all, my concept of sovereignty. This level of civilize thinking many of us including yourself haven’t reached that level yet and that’s why you say you would not want to live in your sovereign country, that is sad.

What say you?

Thursday, July 23rd 2009 at 8:15PM
Harry Watley
“The last point you raised had to do with my previous statement that White Americans can outthink Black Americans 10 to 1, and that is a fact. I analytically calculated that Whites could out think Blacks based on the fact that Whites have been at the wheel of thinking longer than Blacks have especially on very sensitive issues.”

“At the wheel of thinking?” Come on, man!

Now Harry, we’ve been down this road before, in terms of the differences between fact and opinion. The above statement is obviously and clearly your opinion, and not a fact. Anyone with common sense can see that. There is no scientific or empirical data to support what you say. Speaking anecdotally, it is a fact that I outthink many of the whites that my clients employ, and that is why they hire me as a consultant, for my ability to solve problems and come up with system designs and solutions that they could not. And this is just me. What about the millions of other blacks in similar positions? So there is no validity to your claim. You clearly demonstrate that you still do not understand the difference between fact and opinion.

Now, you say you have “analytically calculated” this genetically inspired “thinking power” advantage that whites have. Then respond with:

1. What was your hypothesis?
2. What were your test and control groups?
3. What was your test design?
4. What were the results of your tests?
5. What was your conclusion?

Harry, this is the universally accepted scientific method. Unless you can provide this, you have no basis to make the claim that your opinion is a fact. And if you cannot provide this, then I am disinclined to even engage you further, because anything other than that is a circular argument, for one, and lacking that then I cannot believe your claim to have done such analysis. And that’s even worse, because then that puts you in the area of a charlatan. (And if my words seem harsh, it is not my intent, but I just being honest with you Harry.)

Now, you said this, and if you are the prophet you claim to be, it is contradictory that you would actually believe, let alone say this:

“Mental sovereignty is not real because you cannot touch it, nor can you see it.”

Harry, the hallmark of every great leader is being a visionary. Every invention, innovation, movement known to man started out in the mind. Every design that I have ever come up with, I was able to first envision it. Every game of chess that I played and won, I was able to envision it first. The Founding Fathers did not just sit down and start writing the Constitution and Declaration of Independence; they had a vision. MLK’s “I have a Dream Speech” was not just about the words; it was based on a vision. It had to be imagined before it could become reality. What makes a person German, English, American, Ghanian, Egyptian, Chinese, what have you, is less their physical location and more the state of mind! In every case. And what makes us who we are, is not just the history but how we are able to envision ourselves. If a people cannot envision themselves as “sovereign” in their own minds, just physically putting them somewhere is not going to solve anything, which is my base point. And I am really at a loss that you would call yourself the prophet that you do and discount the mind the way you have. Its absolutely astounding. (And there’s actually more to this as it relates to black people, but discussing that here and now is putting the cart before the horse, in regards to where we are in this discussion.)

And here is where you really expose your flawed thought processes and inability to really see the situation for what it is:

“I noticed that your biggest mistake is to downplay Blacks as a collective body of people to support in our desire to accomplish the one thing that is beneficial to all, my concept of sovereignty. This level of civilize thinking many of us including yourself haven’t reached that level yet and that’s why you say you would not want to live in your sovereign country, that is sad.”

If anything, I am uplifting blacks as a collective body of people with real value and accounting for the reality of their situation as it is today, versus your worshipping of white supremacy and using that as a basis for your un-fleshed out solution. I am giving deserved credit to each of our individual ability to think and reason as human beings and thus to be civilized as we are, as a people. You, on the other hand, are downplaying blacks collectively as a people and using stereotypes with no basis in facts (and you claiming opinion as fact doesn’t change that) and then using that as the basis to support what you mistakenly “think” is a “solution,” and even that you have yet to think through the mechanics of, or if you have you’ve yet to articulate it here, and not articulating it is a huge mistake on your part. And I qualify “thinking” in this case because you have demonstrated time and again that you have yet to progress to the level where you understand that “thinking” does not mean agreement with your opinion. If you and I sit down for a game of chess you can be an adherent of positional playing, but if I’m not and beat you, that doesn’t mean I beat you by “not thinking!” Come on now Harry, if you can’t do better than this, this entire exercise IS a waste of time..

You pretty much have made clear in this post that your entire premise for this Bantustan you propose is the innate and genetic inferiority of whites vis-à-vis blacks. And without offering any specifics of the end result (the “what”) or the mechanics of getting there (the “how”) your only basis then for doing this is basically that black people are inferior. Which you have not demonstrated in fact but only postulate in opinion, and mistakenly and apparently unknowingly putting forth as “fact.” So again, you might be a perfect citizen of that nation, as you have described it, but not any thinking people. Which is why I said, what you would create would be a Bantustan, and that is what is really sad Harry, that you actually believe that to be a solution..

Now let me offer you some advice. I have been involved on the margins of sovereignty movements in the past. These are not new. There are some I am aware of today. I don’t totally discount the merits of what you may be proposing. I say “may” because I have yet to see you offer any specifics as to the what and the how, so I don’t know. But what you should do is drop this reliance on white supremacy as a selling point to get this across to people and be the leader you claim to be and show people how this is to happen, with specifics. Leaders lead by example and inspire people to follow them, not by repeating opinions and implying their inferiority, on the one hand, (e.g. blaming them) because you have not been factual and persuasive enough to so inspire anyone.

Drop the inferiority worship thing because there is no basis for it and there are no facts to support that opinion.

Friday, July 24th 2009 at 1:27PM
Hello Mr. Clark,

Okay, you believe my comment that White Americans could out think Black Americans is just an opinion and not a fact.
Well, I believe I gave two factual essentials to base my comment on, one of which is longer experience. I said that while Black Americans were slaves picking cotton White Americans were building experience as a colony was interacting and negotiate with England.

Now as far as you as an individual out thinking a White individual is not my point. My point is a broader concept of reasoning when we compare and contrast Black American people to White Americans. Therefore, why could not my stated facts that White Americans’ interaction and negotiating with England, Spain, France and the Native American Indians, pushing them back farther West to gain more territory is not good enough to satisfy your five questions starting with, what is my hypothesis, while Black Americans were slaves. Therefore, yes, White people have been at the wheels of thinking much longer than Blacks have. I really believe I have proved my point, but getting you to accept my proof is a horse of a different color.

You are not honestly working with me as I am working in good faith with you. I believe that you, more or less want to make me look ignorant.

Next, he went on to say that, the hallmark of every great leader is being a visionary. Well, am I not being a visionary about the concept of sovereignty, physical sovereignty that is? The problem I see you are having about my concept of sovereignty is that you want to know how I am going to achieve sovereignty. However, I believe that the concept of sovereignty on its face alone is sufficient for all Black Americans to accept as our only permanent solution. The acceptance of sovereignty has not happened yet, because most of you believe White America is invincible.

Therefore, discussing how sovereignty is going to be achieved is a bone for the skeptics to pick the meat off only to say that sovereignty is not a realistic solution. You have said so in one of your communications to me. Nevertheless, Black Americans are going to become a sovereign people on a portion of this continent within 20 to 30 years or sooner.

My difficulty is the same as what Moses difficulties were, and Moses difficulties were getting his Hebrew people to believe that the Exodus was their only permanent solution to their bondage. It took Moses 20 years before any positive results from his people started taking shape.

Anyway, I believe that I have proven that White Americans have been at the wheels of reasoning longer than Black Americans have.

What say you?

Friday, July 24th 2009 at 5:11PM
Harry Watley
Hello Ms. Irma,

I hope that you do not mind me correcting you. You said that, “ for a race of people who say we can not be trusted, they allow us to: cook their meals, take care of their children more than they do, etc.”

Well, I do not think it was ever a question of White American people trusting the Black slaves. The slaves had better do well; anything that they were told to do or they would be severely punished sold off or killed. Therefore, it was never a thought in the minds of any slaves to do any harm to the White adults much less their children.

A good thinking person always thinks well, so there is no room from what is said that it could be misinterpreted. That is the reason why I said that White people could not outthink Black people, for the most part.

As we prepare and approach our sovereignty in years to come, we must become, better thinkers than we are today, and we will. God have promised me that we will get a complete mental makeover, if you will.

What say you?

Friday, July 24th 2009 at 6:43PM
Harry Watley
Brother Clark, you are a representative of a PROUD Black male dispite your side of the story of a constructive Black male will never be made P-U-B-L-I-C today, but as your example goes to show, we have come a long, long way becaue of those proud Black men like you...and you Mozell(smile)

But,just think after all of these years far too, too many of in our own race are still willing to go along with the J. edger Hoover decision that the Black Panthers were public enemy #1 and not a threat to only the racist political and police authority's (back then??????!!?) legal rights to LEGALLY enforce the Jim Crow laws all over this country...

YES WE CAN put the truth about our being BIA in America's civil and legal rights to EQUAL JUSTICE become a reality if we are just willing to be properly EDUCATED by our own true, reality by us about us and not by the cable tv news' talking heads until we get a real voice on the tv that are experts on BIA!!!!!But, are we ready and willing to follow your lead, Clark and have your vision of we are working for our children's childerns also as you and I did?

YES WE CAN...watch our president's back as he helps us take back our government(smile)
Thursday, April 10th 2014 at 6:47PM
Clark, for a race of people who say we can not be trusted, they allow us to:cook thier means, take care of their children more than they do,etc. but where would we be if these very people believes that our president because of the color of his skin, dispite that he is not only a Contitutional lawyer, but a formerlaw professor a state senator who got laws against profilig by the police passed, has not got sense enough to know that the question about Dr. Gates arrest would not be asked when there is a national, international press conference which offers unlimited powers to the first reporter to ask about this issue and he was not prepared to answer it???!!!

Oh, well Clark the Republicans are so desperate they are like a person who is out for sucide by police rather than go back to death row..well you get the idea...
Thursday, April 10th 2014 at 6:47PM
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