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Let me share a Christian experience I had Wednesday week in bible study.
Posted By: Harry Watley on September 03, 2009

Let me share a Christian experience I had Wednesday week in bible study.

A member said that he is glad Jesus did not come down from the cross. The pastor and the members agreed. I said that it seems to me Jesus is worth more dead than alive to them all, since you all say Jesus died for your sins, yet none of you would die for Jesus. I went on to draw them a picture of their Christian belief and what is meant by what they were saying.

I said to imagine that they were among the people when Pontius Pilate asked the crowd who he should release, Barabbas or Jesus. I find no fault in Jesus. The crowd consisted of those who reject and hate Jesus cried out to crucify Jesus. I said to the church members that it seemed to me they would have joined the crowd and cry to crucify Jesus as well. I then asked the question, how it is that you all profess to love Jesus and I say I love Jesus, as well, but you all want Jesus dead while I would want Jesus alive? I said that, I guess Jesus mother, Mary Magdalene, Jesus’ disciples and I would be the only ones that would not want Jesus crucified. My Christian people’s rationale just does not add up.

My personal opinion is that I have a very steep uphill climb to re-organize the very way my people see reality.

Now, I am asking anyone out there is it rational to say that Jesus is the Lord and Savior yet you delight in his death rather than praise his life.

I closed my asking God to forgive them because they do not know what they saying, just the same as when Jesus asked God to forgive his people because they do not know what they are doing by encouraging his crucifixion.

However, the entire body of American Blacks who are descendents of slaves are going to change as we near our beginning of an autonomous or sovereign life on a portion of this continent that we call our very own country with borders. Right now, most of you all are puzzled and overwhelmed by dilemmas you just cannot seem to figure out.

Do any of you all think that I am mentally whacked out? Tell me what you think.

What say you?

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Steve Williams
None at None
I believe that what Jesus is said to have said is what matters, and some of that I take, some I do not. However, the first written words (we have) of Jesus occurred some 40 years after his (reported) death. Likewise, we now know that Moses did not write the Pentateuch, and the story of Moses has no corroboration in other ancient writings. But I understand your use of myth, as I have used it re: the kingdom of God.
Thursday, September 3rd 2009 at 5:01PM
Harry Watley
const. contractor/ retired at self
Hello Steve,

Let me make it clear that I do not deal in myths. Let us start with the story of Moses. The story of Moses is true and this is why, Moses initially instituted the Passover. The way Moses instituted the Passover 4000 years ago, is the way it has been practiced by the Jewish people over 4000 times each year, up to today. For example, the leaven bread is made today, the way it originally was made in Moses time. Common sense would tell you that the story is true, based on the rationale I just gave you. In other words, today’s Jewish people did not begin to practice the Passover 200 years ago or invented it themselves.

Your rationale is based on who wrote the Pentateuch. However, the proof is not in who wrote the Pentateuch, it is in the Passover. Who wrote the Pentateuch could go either way, the Passover cannot. Do you understand my point?

Now about Jesus, you said that you believe that what Jesus is said to have said is what matters. Of course, it does matter, because it supports the point that I am making. In other words, as Jesus asked God to forgive those of his Hebrew people supporting his crucifixion because they do not know what they are doing, for the same reason I ask God to forgive my Christian people, since they don’t know what they are saying and believing that Jesus is worth more dead than alive, either.

Your error of logic is not about the first written record occurring 40 years after Jesus death. The point has to do with what the Bible said of him asking God to forgive his people and me asking God to forgive my people as well. Do you understand the point that I am making?

Tell me what you think.

What say you?

Thursday, September 3rd 2009 at 7:07PM
Steve Williams
None at None
Hello Harry,

My answers to the questions are:

Was Jesus born of a virgin? Don't know.
Did Moses cause water to spring from the rock? Don't know.

Another question:

Why was Moses not allowed into the promised land? Because he struck the rock twice.

These are not hard questions Harry, tell me what you think.

Thursday, September 3rd 2009 at 9:57PM
Harry Watley
const. contractor/ retired at self
Hello Steve,

Steve, your question as to why Moses did not enter into the Promised Land is not difficult to answer. According to the story, it was because he struck the rock twice instead of once, as God instructed him to do.

Now, how this information personally benefits me as being one of God’s prophets is that God will not tolerate even a prophet’s disobedience.

Jesus was a prophet who disobeyed God and the consequence was crucifixion.

The story of Jonah is another example that God does not tolerate even a prophet’s disobedience.

Prophet Mohammed obeyed God; however, there was an incident where in Prophet Mohammed felt that this person was not important enough to talk to and God admonished him for it. So, what I am saying is that God holds the prophets to a high standard.

What say you?

Friday, September 4th 2009 at 12:19AM
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