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..., By Their Own Rules

..., By Their Own Rules
Posted By: Ivan Butcher II on April 08, 2016

America's Corporate Game, which is Capitalism where everyone has to play by Their rules that keeps changing, is the American Economic Operating System.

If you are not aware of the "The Game" or you haven't played "The Game" as a kid, then this may explain why you / we have just been Consumers.

We all know that like Laws, rules aren't always applied equally, but for the most part the majority of Americans have to deal with some of the same disadvantages in placed by the Wealthy.

The Real Wealthy, who control the land and the water sources making it even more difficult for those willing to live humbly, they created "The Game." Their CEO's playing the game know to first control all of the utilities: transportation, power, water, communication, then gather up all prime real-estate, have money to pay their taxes, and to stay out of jail.

Imagine playing "The Game" at the dinning room table and your father and family members are the Captains of Industry, you literally would have insiders information on exactly how the real game is controlled not played, because it really isn't just a game, it is an economic survival plan.

The Economic Opportunity Council (EOC), a bi-program of Affirmative Action was developed to help empower the Black communities economically, but the program, in my opinion, was high-jacked by the self-serving. The two best analogies that I would use to express this effort are, "The Crabs in a Barrel, and Window Dressing!"

Because in their "The Game" there is a quota too how many of us were allowed to play, so it was everyone for themselves, back then. Now the with Rap / HIP HOPPERS they seem to be bring their whole crew along for the ride, but the problem with this is that they squander so much of their money right back in to Their hands. The way Black wealth is presented in the Media, It is no wonder why hard working, tax paying, middle class, white Americans have no compassion for our out cry of discrimination. Then the other images that rest of Black Americans are on welfare and in prison furthering their prejudices. Back then it was about fighting for equal rights, today it is about how we take advantage of those rights, which too many of us are squandering those Rights in the face of sacrifice, A Dream Deferred!

With the added disadvantage that accepting helpless refugees into the country isn't much different from that of an **** issue on Black economics. Every other ethnic group, who migrated to the USA after slavery were given opportunities and privileges over Blacks in America; for one reason, they didn't hold past resentment for enslavement so they were less of a threat and these groups were willing to accept whatever they were offered, much like the **** issue with Mexican workers. In union terms, those other ethnic groups would be considered "Scabs".

This is not to ignore how other African descendant groups from the Mother and the Caribbean take full advantage of this condition, I can speak to that fact having deep roots in the Caribbean. Add in the fact that each of these groups, in a lot of cases were and are being supported by their governments with subsidies aiding in their sustainability, then each one brings one or the whole family and then the village.

Another point, not only are most of these other ethnic groups, many family members, most of them are of the same Religious beliefs, which further ties them together.

Look at what happens after an international disaster, these refugees are brought to the USA, and tax payers restore their lives. We still have tax and insurance paying citizens after Katrina, Sandy, etc., waiting for Government intervention in their recovery.

This to me is, Divide and Conquer!

My Game Plan:

I practice no religion, nor do I celebrate the profit driven holidays like Christmas, not even Kwanzaa do I ritualize, but I do acknowledge the principles of Kwanzaa.

All of the Kwanzaa's principles would apply, I choose these three to support just some of the ways...

Ujima (Collective Work and Responsibility): To build and maintain our community together and make our brothers' and sisters' problems our problems and to solve them together.

Before we can even begin to become successful in "The Game," we have to rebuild our families / communities, by considering adopting the whole family in crisis providing stability, security, support and guidance, instead of allowing the children to being disconnected, by the System.

Where are the Godfathers / God Mothers from back in the day?

They were the backbone, and financiers for many successful neighborhood businesses, first homes, college degrees, co-signed loans, bail money, etc.

Black Achievers could return some of their blessings, whether it is wealth and or intellect, and reinvest in the neighborhoods that were abandoned after Affirmative Action. Yes, before Affirmative Action these same individuals, like Ms. Oprah Winfrey would have been right there investing in their own neighborhoods, instead of outside.

The Black Church, once one of the pillars of our community, what have they done lately?

I tithed in the community, where I know where my offerings are going. I question where do these preachers / spiritual leaders tithed and how much of their wealth? How does the tax payers of a community benefit from the tax exemptions churches receive, other than maybe their congregations?

The shear hypocrisy of a professed, Wealthy / Christian / Believer step over the needy and hungry to go into their House of Worship is another serious issue. I feel and believe that if more people/believers got up off their knees and actual spend that time helping the needy, they would be more in the Grace of The Creator.

Ujamaa ( cooperative economics) to build and maintain our own stores, shops, and other businesses and to profit from them together.

Learning wise economic strategies, instead of investing in lotteries and other pyramid schemes, like the stock market, where if you are not on the top, you will never get rich. Instead Black families should be pooling their resources financing our own enterprises, supporting our own, in our own neighborhoods.

We should be gentrifying our own neighborhoods investing and restoring before others from the outside. Our neighborhoods? Where ever there are two or more Black Families was considered a village / neighborhood. Many senior citizens live alone in their big homes, some needing assistance, could rearrange their homes where one home would serve as the Home Place, then rent / lease the other homes for income and providing affordable housing for other families in the neighborhood. Some can be converted into daycare centers, bed and breakfast lodging.

Most health issues are attributed to poor diet because of the high cost or lack of access to wholesome food. Food coops was how many have addressed this issue, but it will always be or has been the sustainability of the organization, organizers offend become over whelmed with responsibility. To over come coop operational logistics support a local merchant, by helping them to expand their business purchasing ability without having increase sale or storage space. In the long run this will bring down the cost for goods and services for everyone.

Contractors of all types to be eligible for some of the capital government contracts builders, service providers, vendors, etc., need to sub contract together as a group in bidding for these bonded Government contracts, especially those earmarked in their communities.

In today's economic atmosphere, it would be more of an advantage for individuals to offer their services oppose to asking for a job, as an independent contractor they would still have the ability to work for someone and for themselves, also as an independent contractor your skills would be made much more marketable.

All are not college bound. To send our children out into society without a viable trade or a marketable skill, we are breeding generations of beggars, criminals, thieves and welfare recipients. No child should leave school without a trade. Those college students with a trade could easily supplement their education without going into deep student loan debt.

Most of the petty and the felony crimes that are committed in our society can be prevented.
Today's educational system is outdated and underfunded. We graduate thousands every year and the thousands of dropouts are sent out into our communities with a certificate / diploma. Some are barely able to fill out an application for a job. It puts a lot of them in a survival mode, quoting Malcolm X said, By any means necessary.

The youth refer to their crimes committed in the community as, "Street Tax."

A standard response to suggest inequality in Justice and in Corporate America's business practices, " All businesses face the same challenges of "The Game."

My Reality:

I went to Catholic school with the Irish and the Italians in NYC, during the 50-60's. The Irish were the police capitalizing on the Italian crime syndicate of extortion and the Jewish controlled the courts profiting on the Blacks and Hispanics incarceration for, most times trumped up cases.

Then too, if you were Black or Puerto Rican you had little, to no, chance of getting into any of the Teamster/Trades Unions, controlled by The Families. If you did, you were an ex-con, that they knew would work in their behalf, enjoying benefits and protection.
The Jewish were also the slum landlords and merchants exploiting and taking full advantage of the plight of the Black communities to enrich their own, after saying all of this, very little has changed since then.

Black or Puerto Rican, Political Prisoners, are disproportionately arrest given them criminal and felony records destroying their chances of being productive after leaving the penal system, most times without a trade and strip of their rights to vote.
A loss and a waste of talent are those youth arrested for selling ****. Some of them with serious business marketing skills: supply and demand, pricing, quality control, customer relationship, distribution, marketing, etc... but with the wrong commodities.

The missed opportunity here has been that their rehabilitation should be training in accounting, business administration, financing and sales. This would provide these offenders with the opportunity to still work independently and they would be able to legally offer their services back into their communities, peer entrepreneurs and the public at large.

Kuumba (Creativity): To do always as much as we can, in the way we can, in order to leave our community more beautiful and beneficial than we inherited it.

As for our own images, I agree that it will not be easy getting out into their controlled industry, but I like looking at this issue from the attitude of the Hip Hoppers, who sold their music out of the back of their cars, standing on street corners, at the basketball courts, on the trains etc., but later most of them were bought out, just like how too many other Black owned businesses are now White owned.

Small neighborhood / community movie theaters, that can double as an activities center for lectures, plays, celebrations, etc., these are solutions that will allow growth and self-worth.
The movie industry is loosing big with competing with independent film makers, using the uTube and other free or inexpensive venues, in addition the Public is spending more time at home watching movies online.

Bollywood (Indian) and Nollywood (Nigerian) are two major non white movie industries that began small creating their own market and distributions. Trust me, when Black actors and film makers begin to collaborated and invest in their own talents, They will be quick to try and block or buy them out. Hopefully from lessons learned that we will not be so quick to sell-out to them and that we would continue to support each other.

Our history has to be written, rewritten and illustrated from our perspective. There is a big world market out there that needs access to a new truth. This will not happen if it is left up to the prejudiced, mind-controlling, self-interest for profit entities. I believe the way to reach the dysfunctional and the disenchanted youth is by having their younger siblings be their mentors showing them that they themselves should and could be doing better. From my experiences as an educator, I feel that the best way to address the literacy issues with our children today, especially with all of their distractions, is through illustration. Students writing, illustrating and reading theirs and other students' writings may encourage and inspire others to begin reading, much like how when they go home with a cold infecting everyone in the house.

I don't subscribe to sharing all the personal information like the youth are doing, but I do encourage to promote and to advertise. This is how most successful businesses are marketing their goods, products and services and the wealthy politicians are using the internet to campaign. But too many seniors are ignoring it and the young are squandering the privilege, which one day access will cost. This informational tool is vital to the rewriting of our history leveling the challenges we face as Black people.

To ignore the power offered by communicating through the social media websites, reminded me of the old saying, "If you want to hide something from a Negro put it in a book." Today, the internet should be our method of sharing information just like how our ancestors used the beating of the drums and the sending of smoke signals to communicate among themselves.

But considering how the Black race is portrayed in corporate media around the World, it is no wonder why we as a people, especially those of us speaking different languages, do not identify with each other, The Curse of Babel.

What many of Us fail to realize is that, They are serious when They say that, no matter which ethnic group referring, we all look alike to THEM. ( The Horrid Elitist Minority )

Every one of us knows someone who has accomplished a goal, achieved recognition, promoting and marketing their goods and services, that we can be using the internet for its free advertising platform. We also need to take advantage of all of our relationships reconnecting and networking with our family and friends throughout the Black Diaspora.

Volunteerism in our communities, taking advantage of matching funds Grants by volunteering for groups and organizations providing services beneficial to your efforts and the community

By volunteering, you gain valuable work / job experience, community service credits, valuable letters of recommendations, networking with others with similar goals and objectives, sometimes working along side seasoned professionals in their discipline, etc. Best of all, you are contributing toward the betterment of the community.

Your time regardless of your task provides $18 per hr. for In-kind grant service matching funds; professionals providing volunteer hours specific to their trade, their time is based on their business charges. To ask a professional for a donation, sometimes it would be better to ask for some of their time, because that would be worth much more than what they may donate from their pockets, because their volunteer time can be used toward matching fund grants.

Rioting and destroying our own communities will accomplish nothing, but more Negativity. All of this out cry should be the catalyst to our realization that we have to start doing for ourselves again, this will be our real strength in backlash. When proof of the discrimination, direct or subversive, is documented, then take your case to the media and the streets, "Remember the World is Watching."

Why haven't more Black Achievers been speaking out in the public media using the power of their money and position, like: Martin L. King, Marcus Garvey, Nina Simone, James Baldwin, Danny Glover, James Brown, Ruby Dee, Ossie Davis, Mos Def, Tupac, Audre Lorde, Kareem Jabbar, Andrew Young, etc... I could go on and on naming influential African Americans who have set the bar higher than today's individuals have reached. To me, they should / could operate more like Harriet Tubman, who was fully aware of the nature of the Beast she was dealing with, Ms. Tubman was subversive with her autonomy, "A Silent Force."

I can remember the backlash Oprah received from her viewers when she endorsed President Obama.

The character of President Obama's efforts has done so much toward the empowerment of our Black Family, it is hard to imagine what America will be like when he is gone, especially for US! President Obama has successfully played "The Game," and by his example we as a people need to follow his lead with a game plan for Self-Realization.

Like the Wealthy, not in "The Game," I believe-in and live by the ripple effects of sharing with those around me, not the trickle-down effect of letting others bare the bulk of sacrifice, The Pyramid Game!

The American Dream, if we as a people don't wake up to the fact that in order to succeed in the USA, we have to beat them at their own game, or create our own game like before Affirmative Action when our communities were segregated and we then did for ourselves.

What Frightens Them the Most is Our Potential!

Lets Beat Them at Their Own Game, by Their Own Rules!

We Usually Do Whenever They Let Us Play! "

Ivan Butcher II
St. Croix
US Virgin Islands
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