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4 Fun Activities for College Students to Do on Weekends (487 hits)

All college students need to be able to unwind some time. Depending on where you go to school, you may have a lot of choices for what to do over the weekend or very few. Whether you go to school in a small town or a large city, you have some options. Here are four fun things you can do on a weekend while in college.

Have a Game Night

If your idea of relaxing involves staying in on the weekends, having a game night is an excellent idea. The game can be anything you likeóDungeons & Dragons, poker, video games, Magic: the Gathering, Monopoly and more. Gather a group of friends or people from the community to get together and play. You will all have a lot of fun, get to meet new people and improve your skills.

Go to a Show

A night out at the theater can be a lot of fun whether or not you are a theater or art major. This can include a movie, a play, a musical, a concert or some other form of stage production. Plays put on by your schoolís theater department may even be free to attend. There are also plenty of outdoor festivals or places with live music where you can go and have some fun on a weekend.

Speak with a Clairvoyant

There are spirit mediums in most towns, and going to see one can be an eye-opening experience. They can do palm readings, tarot readings, commune with spirits, and more. To get the most out of your session, be relaxed, think about what you want to ask in advance and know what to expect. Let the clairvoyant guide the session, and above all, enjoy it.

Go Hiking

Getting out in nature provides a number of benefits for busy, stressed college students. Exercise helps you maintain a healthy physique and has psychological benefits, such as helping to reduce anxiety and depression. There is likely a state park or similar outdoor facility near your college, so be sure to go and soak in some natural beauty while getting some fresh air.

When you have some free time over a weekend, consider doing these fun activities. They will help you unwind and relax so you can focus your mind back on schoolwork on Monday. The fun things you get out and do will be just as much a part of your college experience as your academics.
Posted By: Rachelle Wilber
Tuesday, September 11th 2018 at 1:18PM
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