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Enterprise Entrepreneur: What Every Novice Businessman Should Know
Posted By: Kara Masterson on January 10, 2019

You want to start your own business, but you're a novice. That shouldn't stop you because even the most successful business people were inexperienced novices at one point. The following are some key subjects novice entrepreneurs should take the time to learn about.

Basic Accounting Principles

All entrepreneurs should have basic knowledge of accounting principles. This is true whether you are handling all accounting matters by yourself or you have hired an accountant. If you are your company's accountant, you need to manage all financial matters carefully and budget appropriately so your company stays financially healthy. If you have accountants, basic knowledge of good accounting principles will help you understand what they tell you and alert you if fraud is occurring.

Project Management

Project management is an important skill to have whether or not your business has employees. Managing a business involves tackling one project after another, always striving for improvement. One of the important key elements to project management is assembling the right team.

For example, manufacturing project management allows teams to collaborate efficiently and progress to be monitored is a worthwhile investment for many businesses. Working with an outside firm to design and manufacture your products can let you focus on other aspects of the project. When you are managing a project you want to assemble a team that you can trust without babysitting. It’s important to get someone who is trustworthy and knowledgeable instead of just the lowest bid.

Marketing Techniques

Most novice entrepreneurs will be running just about every aspect of their business when they first start up. This includes marketing, which is perhaps the most important department for any business. If customers don't know your products or services exist, they won't buy them and you won't remain in business. Novice entrepreneurs should take the time to learn various marketing approaches, such as content marketing, SEO, advertising and more. Even if you hire an outside marketing firm, you still need to be able to spread the word effectively about your business and give your customers good customer service experiences.

Soft Skills

Novice entrepreneurs should pay special attention to the state of their soft skills and how to continually improve them. Soft skills include necessary abilities such as critical thinking, problem solving, interpersonal skills and more. Without these skills, entrepreneurs will have a difficult time appealing to clients and a much harder time managing employees. They will also not be equipped to notice, analyze and fix internal problems in their business that could, in a worst case scenario, lead to the company's downfall.

Before starting any business, novice entrepreneurs should take the time to learn about key business skills they will need to be successful. Remember that as a business owner you will never stop learning. All of these skills will improve with time and experience.
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