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Why Continuous Education for First Respondents Is Essential

Why Continuous Education for First Respondents Is Essential
Posted By: Kara Masterson on November 26, 2019

There are specific duties relegated to First Respondents that require continuous education. Due to updating of First Respondents certification courses, it is essential EMTs, police and firefighters and those who are on staff in schools, businesses and public facilities are kept up-to-date with continuous education.

Why First Respondents Need Continuous Education

The value on an onsite First Respondents who is fully trained in today’s most serious issues such as stress first aid, **** in school training, crisis management courses and weapon of mass destruction training, are most likely to need certification training and state licensing renewal.
The reality of dangerous, impulsive behavior in public places and businesses presents additional concern to those in authority. It is not possible to know the causes of impulsive **** behavior by individuals, even those who are well known to fellow staffers.

Benefits of Stress First Aid Continuous Education

In business workplaces, for example, a First Respondents trained in stress first aid needs training in primary aid and secondary aid when an individual’s stress level poses a danger to fellow employees.
While stress is a natural and necessary human reaction, it is also potentially harmful. First Respondernts need to recognize specific levels of stress in individuals. They should be competent to manage mild stress and provide coping skills to help build personal resilience to stressful situations.
Stress that is harmful usually causes visible impairment, physical symptoms and persists in nature.
Natural disasters also account for the need for continuous education for First Responders. These include wildfires, earthquakes, flooding and tornadoes that occur without advance notice. Continuous education for First Respondents helps to know sources of assistance locally, statewide and federally.

The Need for Continuous Education for Crisis Management

First Respondents, by the very nature of their duties, often are required to resolve serious life crises that occur due to major changes in an individual’s personal sense of security.
This may be a result of loss of employment or financial disaster.

Skills required to take an individual from panic mode to a sense of calm is a major focus of continuous crisis management courses of study. With situations in constant fluctuation, First Respondents need additional training to adapt their skills and crisis remediation techniques to the specificity of individuals or group needs.

Communicating With Your Team

There are many instances in which clear communication is imperative to the safety of a community. The issue of an **** in schools is no longer an isolated occurrence. Keeping students, teachers and administrative staffers safe from harm requires the need for continuous training in order to adapt steps First Respondents must take to achieve a safe school environment. You need to learn what to do in the situation so orders can be given top down. Devices to alert local police expediently and communicate with other First Respondents with industry leading commercial two way radio systemt helps maintain safety in emergencies when time is of the essence.
For instance, First Respondents need to know updated basics like run and escape, proper way to hide for various ages of students, when fighting back is an option and how to accomplish that in specific school settings. Everyone needs to be able to communicate together in real time to work as a team. You learn how to use ER equipment as an ER nurse to be able to perform your job correctly. You need to be able to use the transportation and communication equipment correctly to make sure you work efficiently with your team. If your team doesn’t have proper information like the description of the **** then this can lead to the team to act on unconscious bias. That can lead to disaster and uninformed decisions that lead to tragedy.

Weapon of Mass Destruction Training

First Respondents need continuous training when the issue is a weapon of mass destruction such as bioterrorism, chemical or radiological ****. Development of a weapon of mass destruction changes constantly. First Respondents need to know how newly developed weapons of mass destruction affect those who are exposed as well as contamination danger to the workplace or other public places.
The value of continuous education for First Respondents is essential in order for society to maintain public safety measures.
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