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4 Suggestions For A Career In International Relations (343 hits)

International Relations is basically a subfield of Political Science. The course mainly examines the relationship between regions while studying the balance of power, causes, and effects of regional conflict. You will explore topics focusing on terrorism, human rights, trade, peace-making, and international security. If you are wondering what careers would suit you once you complete a degree in International Relations, here are some top four suggestions.


The main job description of a diplomat is maintaining good relations between nations. A diplomat represents and protects a state’s interests in another country in terms of consular services, politics, and trade. You will spend most of your time abroad acting as the common link between your mother country and the country you are stationed in. You are also required to negotiate and mediate deals concerning those two countries.

Intelligence analyst

As the name suggests, an intelligence analyst spends most of the time gathering state-critical information in bases such as the military, national security departments, and the navy. Your primary duties include collecting intelligence information that gives your country more power.

Policy and political analyst

Like political science, if the government employs you, you will land job offers as a policy and political analyst. However, you could secure employment in a global management consulting firm, a research institute, or a media company as a policy analyst. Here, you are required to interpret various political developments, forecast elections and political trends, explain historical events in a better context, and analyze public policies and laws. This information is, in turn, used to beat rivals, make amendments, or educate citizens about the current political affairs.

Communications specialist

Non-profit making organizations have special lots for individuals with degrees in International Relations. Mainly, look for NGOs that operate on international grounds. You could work as a communications specialist and have the chance to write content for their social media and network content. As a communications specialist, you should create effective communication strategies and handle internal communications. Your work will involve creating channels that help parties communicate better with one another.

If you are convinced about taking on International Relations as your career path, begin by identifying an ideal school with quality education. This should help you place a finger on the best specialty to move along with later. Take your time to research what to expect both at school and work and even look for a mentor to lead you through your new journey. Success in your endeavors!
Posted By: Dixie Somers
Monday, December 9th 2019 at 7:01PM
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